My Wonderful Gluten-Free Life

It’s been six weeks, two days, five hours and oh, about ten minutes since I last ate gluten anything. After agonising stomach aches, terrible mood swings and that awful bloated feeling for long periods of time, I knew something had to get the chop. Funnily enough, according to every nutritionist on the planet (more or less), gluten tends to cause quite a few issues for people. It wasn’t difficult to figure out that this was the case for me too.

After blood test results came back to say I’m not coeliac and can actually eat all the sliced pans I want, I decided to stick with my new found disdain for breads so as to keep it from sticking to my waist line.

Today, I’m so happy and actually dislike the sight of bread. In fact, even gluten free bread doesn’t have a big place in my heart because it resembles its gluten-filled cousin in many ways.

So, will I stick with it? Is this the new way forward or will the Christmas season convert me back to my old ways?

Yes I will stick with it and actually, it has prompted me to cut out other naughty elements of my diet including caffeine (90% of the time) and sugar (only 30% so far however am aiming for an overhaul in 2015!).


Apart from withdrawals symptoms and the odd craving, it’s going well. I’d highly recommend it.
Some of the benefits of a new found diet include the following:

* Searching for and discovering places, snacks and entire types of food I hadn’t known about before. This includes a lovely gluten-free bakery I happened upon last weekend right here in Dublin (see here).


* Feeling a sense of pride as I tell people of my commitment (go me!).

* A new me. I realise that one diet change isn’t the most amazing achievement in the world, it is a great start though. Next stop, a new hobby? The world is my oyster.

Watch this space in the coming weeks as I eradicate more toxicity from my everyday life.