Perseverance Equals Success: Standing At The Front Door Handing Out Business Cards


Last week, I was proud to attend the Web Summit in Dublin as a representative of Memeoirs. Residing in the big smoke myself and being a fan of the internet, I jumped at the chance to attend for the three day spectacle and spread the gospel according to Memeoirs.

Two hours in and a thousand conversations later, I noticed a gentleman at the front door. He had piles of business cards, a smile on his face and what seemed to be, huge determination. As I took his card (he’s a copywriter by the way), I suggested a couple of synergies and headed on my way.

To my surprise, later that afternoon, I noticed the same man standing at the door still smiling, still handing out business cards and still as determined as ever.

And the following day? Well, there he was again.

My immediate thoughts were ‘how does he afford so many business cards?’ (he sure needed lots) and then, ‘does this work for him?’.

I guess one answer supports the other as, at the end of the day whatever we put into something, we get back in one shape or another. And, showing you’re willing to display a positive attitude, dedication and (what seems like) endless patience in order to get business to your door and tell the world about what you do is a necessity.

To see someone go that one step further and really push himself beyond what everyone else was doing inspired me, my work and how I approach my day to day life.

I ensured I congratulated the guy on what he was doing and said I’d stay in touch with him, should I or one of my contacts, require his services.

Perserverance is key once it comes with the right attitude. I have a feeling I’ll see him there again next year probably doing the same thing. Maybe I’ll be standing next to him?