24 Hours High On Espresso

Christmas came and went and, as we look to a brand new year, the talk of new year’s resolutions is prevalent. Becoming less crap versions of ourselves is something for us all to consider, at least until we’re hungover in a couple of days time.

As I consider new year changes, I reflect on habits I’ve decided to change in previous months.

In November of this year, I made the decision to shut caffeine out of my life. My house is void of coffee or tea apart from the decaf stuff and as a result, my heart rate is a little slower and my mind is more relaxed than before.

As I visited a friend a couple of days ago, I was offered a baileys’ coffee. For those who don’t know it, it consists of coffee (obviously), sugar and as many glugs of baileys you can fit in there. I couldn’t resist its creamy amazing goodness and so, accepted the offer.

That was 9pm.

Fast forward 7 hours to a tossing and turning June with an already over-active mind. There I was, with no view to sleeping until (what turned out to be) 4am that morning.

The next day, I looked at the coffee canister in my mother’s kitchen with disdain. I decided that the only way to counteract my coffee hating resentment was by chugging three glasses of water and heading to the beach to clear the sleepy coffee scented cob-webs out.

Change by Angela Nigels

Taking a step back from something like coffee can really highlight its impact on your system. It became a real addiction for me as early as my first internship when I drank 5-6 cups a day to keep me awake at work.

I haven’t ruled coffee out entirely. I still enjoy a gingerbread, mocha, caramel (whatever the latest is) coffee at Starbucks from time to time. Only then, it’s with decaf coffee.

When it’s impossible to avoid coffee (like a conference or (what feels like) a never-ending day of work), I treat myself.

Mostly though, if I go to your house, please try and tempt me with some freshly squeezed seasonal fruit juice, or a glass of water will do just fine.