Healthy See, Healthy Do: Why A Healthy Lifestyle Is Better Than Dieting

As I scrolled down my Instagram feed throughout the month of January, I was met with numerous detox teas,bars, gimmicks and the latest you-may-aswell-eat-nothing diet mentions. As they flew past my eyes, I searched for positives such as recipes I could use and anything that wasn’t too expensive or unrealistic in terms of ingredients I could get my hands on. Mostly though, I went straight to Google to understand the merit of said recommendations or rang my boyfriend for some health freak, sensible advice.

In the past 5 months, I’ve made lifestyle changes that I’m super proud of, namely cutting out gluten and caffeine. It won’t be stopping there. I’m currently working on phasing out processed sugars (it’s slow but it’s going) and surrounding these changes, I’ve found more manageable methods of incorporating exercise into my day in spite of a manic schedule.

After all is said and done, knowing myself and what I can manage is essential. Once I’ve finished my work, the latest blog post plus the stacks of laundry staring me in the face, I work on coming to terms with what’s best for me, my waistline and inevitably, my sanity. I do my research and get the facts straight.

All in all, I know that diets are not the solution for me. I want to make big change for an all round more positive life. I need it to be a new habit alongside rituals that I can commit to for life, not just in the short-term.

So far, it’s been going well. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

*Gluten left my life and I haven’t looked back. Due to tummy aches and other uncomfortableness, I made that change. It went something like this.

*My head stopped racing as caffeine became a non-essential.

*While my true exercise love is Zumba, I’ve taken a step back and have been working on core exercises daily to build my body strength. The plan is to get super toned and fit as a fiddle. Watch this space in the coming days for a post on this.

*Keeping it simple. When I’m feeling lazy and everything seems like effort, i do something small. Something is better than nothing, after all? Hence, I’ve started strolling to my local Tesco on days that squats don’t cut it.

My focus in the coming weeks will be on massive development in terms of diet, exercise and of course, June habits. Be sure to check back for the latest.