Lush Cosmetics, Beautiful Inside And Out


With pure determination, buckets of perspiration and a stack of cvs, I strolled into Lush Cosmetics in Dublin City centre in 2012. With just 5 months to save a load of cash for my impending trip to Chile, I needed a part-time job.

From jobs of lives past, I had learned a lesson or two. Working for an employer who’s products and ethos I believed in was imperative and so, I was exceptionally selective as I went about my applications. Needless to say, I put my best and trendiest foot forward as I handed my cv into the Lush shop.

Thankfully, it seemed my passion had shone through when I took part in my first ever group interview. 5 days later, I shook the hand of the lovely Lush managers to say I had gotten a job as a Christmas temp.

I was no longer an outsider looking in and smelling soap, I was one of them… still smelling soap but also selling it.

This made me happy not only because I would get to leave work with scented clothes everyday but because I would be surrounded by likeminded people with likeminded principles and likeminded hearts of gold for what I deemed important.

Chemical-free, against animal-testing and naked are the buzzwords used to sell the Lush brand. Having worked there, I can vouch for the fact that the passion for such points is as strong in-house as it is in their marketing campaigns.

Every person who works in Lush has come to work there with wonderful intentions. They want to make a difference and spread a message or two ; not to mention the fact that they genuinely LOVE the products (what’s not to love?).


I regularly frequent Lush Henry Street to purchase my usuals. Thankfully, I know what works for my temperamental skin and hair at this stage AND as I’ve said before (see here), I don’t feel the desire to skimp on these areas. Only the best will do.

I like the fact that there are many health challenges (physical and mental) that can be tackled with Lush products. For those who aren’t aware, they are experts in catering for health issues such as the following:

*Eczema. They have multiple creams, massage bars and shower and bath products to help with this common issue. Dream Cream is their signature product for eczema as it contains chamomile blue oil (perfect to soothe irritated skin) plus oat milk. Interestingly, oats are steeped in hot water to make the milk which is proven to act as an antihistamine.

Another option, (if you’re into massages)  is Therapy Massage Bar . It contains cocoa AND shea butter and is also used by pregnant women to help avoid stretch marks sticking (pregnant ladies, check it out).

* Sensitive skin. There are multiple scrubs, face masks and cleansers for skin that needs some TLC. My skin is a weird combination of oily and sensitive so I have to be careful with what I use. Angels On Bare Skin is ALWAYS in my bathroom because it’s so gentle (containing lavender to calm the skin) and ground almonds to exfoliate it.

* Stress. Being surrounded by water in general is calming for the soul so it’s not a surprise that a bath can calm a stressed mood. I use a variety of bath bombs and bubble bars to chill me out. My favorites are 1) Big Blue (ballistic) as it reminds me of the seaside; it contains seaweed and also lemon oil to calm the mind. 2) The comforter (it’s all in the name) is MASSIVE so it’s great value and creates endless bubbles. The bergamont oil in it is also uplifting which goes down pretty well at any time.

* Greasy… anything. I’m a culprit of excessive oiliness as I have rather oily hair and T-zone and so, find that Lush cater for these needs. Jumping Juniper is the best hair product as juniper berries are there to regulate sebum production thus, cleansing the scalp. This is especially useful if you’ve gotten into the habit of washing your hair too often and it’s starting to freak out.

Got a query and it’s not mentioned here? Talk to the experts.

For a full list of products and their benefits, visit here.


To learn more about the brand or to try the products out FOR REAL (or do funky demos in store), be sure to pop into Henry Street to chat to their staff (like Kristin the general manager, above). They’re also on Facebook, Twitter AND Instagram and will welcome you with open arms.

Oh and please be sure to get a Charity Pot. You’ll be supporting some wonderful causes.

  • Saibh

    oh June, if only they had a Lush in Galway…
    Fantastic post, loved it.

    • junemvc

      I know for fact that it’s next on the list for Ireland. No idea when though!!! Thanks Saibh! xx