Inspiration Over Lunch: Nia Skincare’s Celia O’Grady Talks Business

I love entrepreneurs. When I’m not working alongside them, I’m reading about them on or hanging out at networking events hoping to catch one. Inspiration is all around us and for me, it’s from those who have built something from the ground up and made it a success; those that are living their business dreams and paving the way for the rest of us.

Celia O Grady -1-head shot

Many people in Ireland will know Celia O’Grady. She is an entrepreneur, qualified beauty therapist and coach. She has become more known in the past couple of years when she created a wonderful range of skincare products called Nia. Nia means ‘radiance’ and is exactly what Celia hoped to (and has) achieved with her range of paraben-free, gentle mousses and creams.

Celia is exactly what Ireland needs more of. We need more people (women and men) who will create, be brave and inspire those coming down the path behind them. Thankfully, our prayers are being answered and strong successful entrepreneurs are bringing wonderful products to the market and blowing even international ones out of the water.

Celia and Nia skincare first landed on my radar in 2014 when I saw a Facebook ad about the popular shower mousse. I instantly liked what Celia was about and so, reached out to her and connected via LinkedIn. I had a feeling our paths would cross again. Fast-forward to February 2015 when I attended the Into The West Blogger Network Event and I received a sample of Nia shower mousse to try out.

Nia mix of product

After testing the product on both my and my boyfriend’s sensitive skin, I was hooked and decided to contact Celia to tell her how much we loved the product. Plus, as I’m nosey, I wanted to know where she started, what she was about and of course, how her company took off. Thankfully, I could do lots of snooping on Celia’s website. For the rest, she was happy to oblige and answer my questions about entrepreneurship. Below, you’ll find the top five tips from Celia about being an effective business owner.

*When you love what you’re doing, it takes you to what you love. Get happy enjoying the things you don’t like doing in your day by realising that they are getting you closer to fulfilling your mission.

*You can sleep your way to the top. Grumpy comes after tired. Get to know what your limits are and keep your emotional fuel tank topped up, whether it’s yoga, a walk or an early night in bed.

*Watch your language. Make sure you sound positive when speaking to others, even if you are finding it hard to get going in the beginning. Draw your attention to what’s working and talk about that, it must feel good or people will not have the confidence in your business, you must believe it before they do.

*Delete everything unnecessary from your inbox and unsubscribe from 90% of stuff. Stay focused, stay on the clock and get on with the job on hand.

*Think you are just a millimetre away. Tiny changes can make a huge impact.

Whether you’re starting a business, writing a book or blog or creating in any manner, learning from entrepreneurs will always help. After all, they’re the ones already out there doing it.

If you’d like to learn more about Celia or to get her products, visit the Nia skincare site here.