Mind, Body and Something: Signs Of Ireland’s Shift Towards A Healthier Mindset


It’s not a secret that I enjoy learning, particularly when it comes to my health. The saying goes that ‘our bodies are temples’ which is certainly true however I maintain that so are our minds and souls. We need to cherish them, treat them well and then, treat them well some more. Self-care is key, basically.

I say, let’s keep it (our existence) clean, healthy and worthwhile as we work on being our best selves. And when we’re done, let’s open our minds to new therapies, healthy foods and inventions to make us feel even better than we already do.

This my friends, defines my Saint Patrick’s weekend. The RDS in Dublin was graced with the presence of a festival all about well-being. While the official name is ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’,  I may have called it several variations of that via my social media channels over the past week. This is either because I hate reading things properly or (and) I like to be creative and confuse people. Anyway, I’m sure you got the gist.

Well-being is defined as ‘the state of being happy, comfortable and healthy’. Every part of our beings long to be well and sometimes we need to re-learn old ways of self-care or/and take on entirely new tactics if our beings have lost the run of themselves as can happen.

The festival itself had that very focus. In case you don’t feel 100% (or even if you do), there are always ways to maintain and strengthen your well-being. Some I had tried, others I hadn’t. Whatever the case, I left the RDS a more-educated missy which is exactly what a nosey little blogger like me always hopes for.

For me, the most interesting take-aways (the healthy kind) were:

* Meditation

I spoke briefly to a gentleman who came up with a meditation pyramid called the Zenamid. I know many of you are asking what that is, I was too. It’s a contraption that allows meditators to feel more balanced and ensure their Chakras are keeping it real. The pyramid shape has been around for centuries and is believed to make your meditation experience a more worthwhile one. These guys made a pyramid that folds up so you can bring it to the park or your front garden, depending on what you’re into.


*Aloe Vera in many forms

Do you know the benefits of aloe vera? I didn’t either. That was until two ladies from Forever Living taught me about it. It benefits your insides, skin, hair and overall health in many ways including the fact it improves bowel function, assists in health digestion and acts as a balancer. Forever provide a range of products with aloe vera including shampoos, toothpaste, drinks and probiotics.

* Veganism

I’m not a vegan. I was a vegetarian in a past life which I revert back to on Mondays for the sake of my conscience. Last Sunday though, I gave meat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free a go and I didn’t regret it. My eyes have been opened to the joys of salads that look awesome and hummus that would make even the Egyptians a bit jealous. This was produced by Natasha who I’d highly recommend mailing for her recipes… actually, to be safe maybe just check out the delicious snacks she produces and thankfully has for sale on her website.

For me, this event marks a turning point in Ireland. From a personal perspective, there has been a huge shift in terms of health-awareness and greater practices surrounding self-care. The festival this year wasn’t as huge as I would’ve thought however something tells me next year’s will grow exponentially. Perhaps, I’ll see you there?

  • This is my first time visiting your blog but I love it! Really interesting post by the way x


  • This is my first time visiting your blog and I love it! Really interesting post by the way! x