A Little Plea From Me: Let’s Keep The Positivity Flowing

This week, we saw Ireland make history. This was not only a national phenomenon but global as Ireland was trending all over the world. An entire nation put their energy into a cause that will change our country forever and will (and is already) sparking conversations related to such a significant topic. The world looking on will say that, Ireland did that whereas I say, it was the Irish people and the power we have. There’s a lesson in everything and for me, it’s that we have the ability to make a difference in every way we choose to.


It’s easy to forget that what each of us does has an impact and it’s even easier to make the excuse in our minds that we alone can’t make a difference. In fact, this is totally incorrect if we consider the biggest milestones in the world to date. It took just one man to get the ball rolling in Ireland to fight for independence, one woman to end the ridiculous notion of an entire gender being made sit at the back of the bus and it can take one person to save even just one life.

I posted a thought to my Facebook page yesterday about mental health awareness month. After hearing of the suicide of a guy from my school, someone who I hadn’t seen for many years and can’t claim to know anymore, I felt great upset. The upset was caused by the thought that one person could feel so down and lost that they thought that was the only way out. And the idea that actually, this is mental health awareness month and to be brutally honest, I haven’t heard half as many conversations surrounding the matter as one would expect.


We’re experiencing a crisis in Ireland when it comes to mental health and we need to sort it out. This means we need to talk, we need to try to understand and we need to ensure we show kindness to all of those around us. It’s not necessary to assume that everyone is suffering but it is a given that everyone can do with a little extra kindness in their lives.

This week, I ask you ever so kindly to start a conversation with someone you know and haven’t talked to in a while, send a card to a loved one you appreciate and never tell or, simply smile and say hello to a stranger. Whatever it is, I can assure you it will have an impact on the other person. And who knows? You might even make their day.