Waking Up When Summer Ends: Reaching New Goals With A Warmer Jacket

I posted to Facebook the other day about how shocked I felt as I had already seen kids this week wearing school uniforms. The nervous pupils looked great, happy and of course, excited about their adventures ahead. Selfishly, all I could think about was how quickly the past few months had gone and how I wished it was still May when I still had my holidays to France to look forward to. Moreover, it was when I could pretend that I was going to do absolutely everything on my to-do list (the one I enthusiastically put together earlier in the year).


Sadly, everything on my Summer to-do list didn’t happen but you can’t do everything, right?

It’s nearly September which means new goals, new to-do lists and hopefully, more time spent adventuring, probably on wetter days and with bigger umbrellas. Habits have slipped, tans are starting to fade and the vitamin D sprays are at the ready for the predictable winter weather in Ireland.


In order to prepare for the months ahead and the move from lazy Sundays to shorter evenings and warmer dinners, a clean up is necessary. Cleaning up accounts, organising the apartment and of course, scrubbing out the cupboards have been happening over the past week. Routines are screaming at us to be put back in place and although tricky, such a feat is totally manageable with a little effort.

So how do we make this move quickly and as pain-free as possible?

* Now that it’s getting colder, warmer foods are needed; greater sustenance will combat colds that might be lurking around waiting to be caught. While stocking up on vitamin C, Vitamin D and zinc is a necessity for me this time of the year, soups, stews and casseroles are also being highlighted across my cookbooks (check out my Snapchat @junemvc for updates) as they’re easy to make, can be made in large quantities and can be adapted easily.

* Summertime can be a bit more chaotic than usual and so, time isn’t always in plentiful supply meaning that big tasks are put off. These include a spring clean of the wardrobe, scrubbing out presses and going through paperwork. Do you really need that bank statement from 2004? Or those shoes with the gaping hole in the bottom? I didn’t think so. Chuck them out and don’t look back, please.

*Goals, goals and more goals. Like I said, I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to this Summer. That’s not a reason to not set more, is it? No. Instead, I learn from them and create more realistic ones with the time I’ve got to hand. Starting Tuesday, a whole new set of goals will be worked towards. Watch this space!

Although it’s been a great Summer, I know the months ahead are going to be fantastic. Time indeed does fly (and it seems to be moving faster as I get older) but remember, you’re the pilot. What does this Winter have in store for you?