Endurance And Visualisation: Learning From Conor McGregor


In less than 24 hours, the name Conor McGregor has become a worldwide trend. Thousands of well-wishes and even more memes have flooded the internet across Ireland and the US in particular as the UFC Champion achieved what he set out to do back in 2008 – become the number one.

Listening to Conor in interviews, reading his online posts and learning more about his road to success has made me ever-more inspired and eager to learn from such a legend.

How does someone go from having nothing to having everything they’ve ever dreamed of? Is that much confidence tailor-made or is it engrained in a person from birth? And finally, can we emulate what others before us have done?

Clearly, Conor has something in common with the other ‘Greats’ of the world. As per usual, it’d be super easy to look at him and say ‘Oh he’s so lucky” but that’d be an outrageous assumption. As Conor himself quoted on his Instagram today “To the naked eye, it was 13 seconds but to my team and family, it has been a lifetime of work to get to that 13 seconds.”

The road is never easy.

Conor has spent years and years working on his dreams. He’s trained until the point of exhaustion, pushed himself to the max, missed out on quality time with family and at earlier stages, sacrificed an income opting for welfare so he could dedicate himself to his love – martial arts.

So what can we learn from this guy and how does he do it?

*The Law of Attraction

He is living proof that the law of attraction and visualising exactly where it is you want to go and who you want to be actually works. Down to the very punch that led to Aldo’s defeat in his championship fight, McGregor manifested and put out there what it was going to be.


Gratitude makes the world go round. During McGregor’s dialogues, he constantly expresses thanks to those in his life who have supported him as he’s reached where he is today. There is never a sense of complacency or lack of appreciation – he thanks the universe for what he has at each and every step of the way.




Where in the world do you expect to end up if you don’t believe in yourself? Conor talks the talk – he sees himself as a winner and as someone who can achieve his dreams. Occasionally, as with everyone, those doubts perhaps start to creep in and he reminds himself of what he’s capable of.

In his post-fight press conference, Conor said “Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners”.  Those are the words that will stick with me, personally.

Want to succeed? Focus on what you have, what you’re doing and ensure your own house is in order.