Whiskey Cocktails, Games And Pure Luck

The last few months have been rather manic and so, my appearance at Blogger events has been limited. Moving myself from work to grocery shopping to bed alone seems be taking up most of my time allowing only the odd moment to catch up on The Apprentice on a Wednesday night. Therefore, when I received an invite to Ladbrokes: Luck of the Irish event on a night I happened to be free, well it was of course a must-do.

The name of the event itself was rather intriguing to me as it was different to the usual blogger and foodie events I’ve headed to over the past two years. As I read the invite, I thought “Sure, the Irish are lucky, aren’t we? We did well in the rugby this year and have a reputation for being rather (as we say in Ireland), jammy.”

I wanted to learn more so I RSVP’ed.

November 27th rolled around and I headed to the Irish Whiskey Museum with my boyfriend. There, we enjoyed whiskey cocktails, games, endless fun with other bloggers and friends and even a complimentary tour of the museum.

Ladbrokes did it differently to say the least. While we took part in a number of tasks with our new Irish team mates, across the water in London, an English team enjoyed the same games as we communicated (and competed) via Skype – they were aiming to prove the luck of the English. The banter was mighty as we took them on in Rugby, Golf, Soccer and Darts – not the real versions but re-invented (and for me, more fun) versions that allowed for the drinking of delicious whiskey while taking part.

As far as events go, Ladbrokes really know how to put on a show. There was lots to be taken from the event aside from the memories and slight hangovers.

*New contacts were made including bloggers, staff of the Irish Whiskey Museum and of course, the fab organisers of the event.

*Comfort zones were well and truly tested as the premise of the event was to get stuck into games some hadn’t taken part in before.

*Culture was soaked up as a tour of the funky Irish Museum was offered – I now know so much more about the history of Irish whiskey and how far it’s brought us.

*A little competition never hurt anyone, right? I had forgotten the joys of a good old rivalry.

If you’re asked to attend something that’s even a little bit different, I urge you to head along. The new and different is what encourages change in your ways of thinking and your schedule – it’s an A1 from me for this one.

Ah and by the way, the Irish won! #Ladbrokesluckoftheirish

Pictured on the screen in the background: The Irish.