New Year, New Notions: Taking Note Of January Feels

We’re seven days in and already it’s starting to feel a bit awkward when ‘Happy New Year’ comes pouring out of our mouths. The excitement of the new year lasted a few days and so did the conversations about resolutions and those other fresh starts and gentle goodbyes that were going to happen. In fairness, lots did happen and hopefully is still gaining momentum as the gyms remain full and healthy habits stay strong.


As we move towards mid-January, it’s important to reassess and take note of how new year changes are going. If they’re not going then tiny tweaks may be needed.

According to Tony Robbins, this is the time that changes are potentially halted (if at all) and so, being constantly mindful of progress (or lack thereof) is key.

For me, being aware of how I’m feeling, what’s going on around me and what I actually want to be doing are the key areas of focus right now. Alongside these, the goals I’ve set seem to be gaining traction.

The January Blues.

I’m not necessarily blue however I am having certain feelings because it’s January – a major anti-climax after Christmas. We all have less money, little family around and a whole 11 months until we get to sit and stuff our faces with turkey and Cadbury’s roses for a whole day again. It’s therefore no surprise that getting back to work, having to miss our loved ones and enjoying less ‘Me time’ is going to be a bit disappointing.

Thankfully, Spring is around the corner, the daffodils are starting to rear their lovely heads and there’s so much to look forward to. This is therefore some quiet time to focus on goals and remember how very lucky we are.

Everything else around us.

There’s always loads going on around us that needs to be taken in. SO much has to be done and the expectation of a new year makes us feel that we should do even more than usual. Really though, the reality is that we need time to rebuild, plot and prioritise for the weeks and months ahead – this applies to our personal lives, careers, college and whatever else is being focused on right now.

Give yourself a break, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Baby steps will get you there.


Have some fun.

I returned from the cinema this evening after watching a comedy movie called ‘Sisters’. It’s an easy-watch with Tina Fey (hilarious lady). One night, her and her sister threw a big party and invite all their high school friends they hadn’t seen in twenty years and gave a speech to everyone about having fun and forgetting their serious lives for one night.

Sound advice, eh?

Let loose, have some ice-cream and remember we’re here for a good time not a long time. It’s OK to fall off the wagon and to have a bad day (that applies to new year’s resolutions too) just remember to forget the serious stuff from time to time.

At present, I’m planning my holidays, my birthday and the coming weeks where I’ll have lots of pamper sessions and friend-time. There’s always so much to look forward to at any time of the year – including January. I read a meme earlier that said ‘January is the Monday of the year’. Like Mondays, January’s are fresh starts and another chance to get it right – don’t forget that.

  • I can’t wait to see Sisters! Happy New year đŸ˜›
    You’re dead right we all need to be kind to ourselves xx Siobhan