Bouncing Back: What I Learned From Watching Five Hours Of Tennis


At the weekend, I sat in the sun, enjoyed the cute freebies and soaked in the atmosphere at the Barcelona Open tennis finals 2016. A wonderful holiday was made even more sweet by the fact that we just happened to be staying close to Barcelona the week of the finals. Fate? I don’t know but we certainly didn’t question it especially as we celebrated the fact that the fifth best player in the world (Nadal) got to the final.

My boyfriend is a tennis fanatic see. Me? Not so much but I do enjoy the excitement and endurance of such a sport. There aren’t the breaks like most sports and there certainly isn’t a fancy half time interval. Simply put, you keep going until you win only stopping for a taste of water and a towel rub across your sweaty brow. Tennis players are tough, have strong stamina and even stronger knees.

Jumping from my seat every ten seconds and tossing away perfectly good beer for fear of missing any of the game is testament enough to its impact on me. How else though has it affected my ever-changing psyche? As I’ve mentioned, Phil is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to a range of topics – particularly sports and its stars. Both players on the court have of course spent many years playing tennis and so, have had ups and downs in their careers. Hearing his comments and stories throughout the game certainly added to my intrigue.

*There’s always another way to success.

Seen as one of the top clay court players of all time, Nadal has become quite a hero in Catalonia, Spain and the world. As a young teenager, he was trained by his uncle who convinced him that, unlike the majority of young tennis players, heading to America to become the best pro he could be was not necessary. It (being a star pro) could indeed be done from Mallorca. Fast forward a few years, it seems that he was right. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


*The hard times will happen.

Allegedly Nadal had a couple of tricky years recently. By this, I mean that he was’t flying high and had a sort of off-season or two. Seeing him hit such incredible shots during the final, it would’ve been easy to see only those and not think of the hard work and struggle that has gone on behind the scenes. The road to success is speckled with pot holes. Never look at another’s success and think of how ‘lucky’ they are. It’s can’t ever be that black and white.


*We’re all just trying to make our own way.

Did I mention there was another super talented tennis player there? Funny that…  A singles’ final needs two sides. Nishikori of Japan was someone I hadn’t heard of before the game. He’s certainly well and truly on my radar now and it looks like he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon (especially seen as he’s number six in the world). While it can be simple to simply overlook the not so popular ones, that would be a mistake. We’re all rising stars waiting for our moment in the spotlight.

*It ain’t over till it’s over.

“Phil, do any of these guys have a book written?” was another of my annoying questions flung at Phil’s ears as balls were flying around the court. In my world, these guys had done so much and has lots to tell the world as it was. Actually though, books by tennis stars are usually written once they’ve retired. That’s when they’ve got even more gems of wisdom to share. In other words, they don’t count their chickens before they’ve properly hatched.

After a couple of days of sitting by the pool and feeling lazy, this really jerked me back into action! Seeing such motivation and success in such a wonderful setting and buzzing atmosphere highlighted to me that there’s so much out there to experience. Don’t miss out simply because it’s too far away, ‘not your bag’ or indeed, too pricey. Taking a leap out of your comfort zones will remind you of what you (and others) are made of. Maybe it won’t be a tennis final but certainly, there are activities you could partake in this week that for you, could be deemed out of the ordinary. Go get ’em!