Turning A Corner: The Biggest Lessons Of My Twenties


I’ve heard it time and time again particularly over the past eleven months. Apparently, your thirties are when everything falls into place, there’s less drama to contend with and you know yourself so well that you really don’t care what anybody thinks of you apart from yourself. It’s not a decade to be feared but rather enjoyed without hesitation.

In just over a month, I’ll hit the thirty mark. An age that seemed so far away is now right around the corner and it’s left me reflecting on the past, flicking through several old notebooks and reconnecting with friends from every corner of the globe and every part of my so far varied life. I’m scared, excited and mostly, geared up for the big shindig I’ve planned. Anything in life is as big a deal as we make it and for me, I intend to make this a pretty huge one.


So with all the reflecting, the reading and the reaching out, what have I learned? Well, lots that I had been expecting and then some.

*I can do whatever I want.

One night in 2012, I sat in my bedroom with a glass of wine and decided to book flights to South America. Six months later off I popped to Chile where I had the time of my life for a whole year of adventuring. On another random night, I started a blog that has brought so many adventures, great people and opportunities to my door. Don’t underestimate what you’re capable of. Maybe your twenty year old self will be a bit dubious but that’s half the fun – proving your younger self wrong.


*Mistakes will be made.

Oh the errors I’ve made! There have been jobs that didn’t work, conversations that could’ve ended much more positively and situations I probably didn’t need to become involved in. At the end of the day though, (cliche, I know) I learned from them. You can’t get everything right first time and I’m much more comfortable with failure as a nearly thirty year old than I was as a twenty year old.

*People are going to leave.

Whether it’s because a relationship ends or they pass on, I’ve learned that that’s just part of life. I’ve lost great friends to far away places and lost a dear parent to a gross disease. As hard as it is, learning to accept that separation is inevitable is a big part of the twenty-somethings (and sometimes, earlier). These days, I’m the kind of person who is ever so grateful for all the wonderful people in my life.

*Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

The roadmap can work out in some respects however it’s best to expect the unexpected. There are times when it won’t make sense to you why things are going the way they’re going but they’ll make sense eventually. In hindsight, every plan that didn’t go to plan for me was supposed to happen that way.

As I look back on my twenties the bucket list has been ticked off, travels have been done and I’ve laid down some nice career paths. Bring on the next decade!