Kitting Out: Minding My Mental Health


There are always going to be days when feeling our best isn’t happening. We’re moving against the tide and are unsure as to why we don’t feel the way we’d like to. Staying in bed is the preferred option however as an adult, taking care of responsibilities can’t always happen from bed.

For me, it can seem at times like there are so many balls in the air to keep an eye on. Bills need to be paid, washing has to get washed and of course, those social events aren’t going to organise themselves. At times, screaming can seem like the only viable option. Please wait though, there are other ways.

Before you try to guess what I’m going to write, I must warn you that you’re going to read suggestions you’ve read before. That’s because they work! SO in order to feel our best, what do we need in our kits of amazingness? Or as I like to call it ‘Minding my mental health kit’.

*Some work-out gear.

Excuses can crop up in every part of our lives. This especially applies to the gym and doing physical activity in general. Keeping a stock of gym gear to hand is key. Know where your gym bag is, keep it nice and organised so you can get going as quickly as possible when negativity and excuses creep in.

It’s all about confidence in what we’re wearing and doing – this applies to our gym attire too. Treat yourself to some new tops, trousers or even socks before you head to your next session.


*Some notebooks.

Gratitude is key. Feeling sorry for yourself? Think of things to be grateful for. Not sure what to do with that random half hour? Write down some of your blessings. It’s that easy! Fill those notebooks and then keep them on a shelf to look at regularly.

While you’re at it, start a gratitude jar! It can work in tandem with your notebook or on its own :).


*Some meditation know-how.

Ever meditate? Last year, I did an online course with Hilda of the Happiness Business. I learned how to meditate and became hooked! These days, I try to sit down for at least 10 minutes per day and practice the art of meditation. It has been proven that meditating every day for six weeks actually strengthens your pre-frontal cortex! Feeling mentally stronger is as easy as that.

If you have a smartphone, download the app ‘Headspace‘. It’s super simple and has a ten day guided programme.


*Words of some sort.

Fill your kit with books, sweet affirmations or simply, a little reminder on your phone of what you’re about. For me, I have a reminder on my phone a few times a day which reminds me of my mission. I also ALWAYS have a book of some sort and oftentimes, I’ll have some ‘Give it, get it cards’! Words really do matter so don’t underestimate the ones you have nearby.

What helps you when you’re not feeling yourself? Perhaps I need to add some bits and bobs to my kit? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments fields below!¬†