The Other Side: Thirty Thoughts After Thirty


It’s been a rather mental month. I’ve been away, back to work, started college, done assignments and turned thirty with my friends and family around me. It’s been epic to say the least however sadly, hasn’t involved blogging at all.

Excuse the delay but well, I wanted to wait until I had some nuggets of wisdom to offer or at least, some time to make something up.

It’s a Sunday night, lots of sleep has been had and I’m feeling semi-rested so of course I thought this the best time to drop those very nuggets into a post.

“You’re going to feel so different”, “All the bullshit disappears” and “it’s meant to be such a great age” are all the comments I heard over the past few weeks and months. Mostly I think people wanted to cheer me up (not that that was needed) while the rest had read such comments in some Cosmo and wanted to pass on the thoughts. Either way, it’s given me the opportunity to ponder the splendour of the next ten years.

Warning: All of the below are cliches and you’ll DEFINITELY have heard them before. Alas, there is food for thought.

  1. People are there to be loved.
  2. We’re here for a good time, not for a long time.
  3. Life is short.
  4. Nothing is ever what it seems.
  5. Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.
  6. Things are going to change whether you like it or not.
  7. Exercise always makes one feel better.
  8. Perform acts of kindness without expecting anything in return.
  9. Give yourself a break.
  10. Stop procrastinating, it’ll lead to stress.
  11. The world is your oyster.
  12. Over-thinking will lead to more damage than good.
  13. Any habit can be changed with enough dedication.
  14. Hard times will come however they will make you stronger.
  15. Energy doesn’t lie.
  16. If it feels scary, consider it a good thing.
  17. Animals are therapy.
  18. It’s okay to ask for help. Don’t ever suffer in silence.
  19. Alone time is as important for you as it is for everyone else.
  20. One small decision can change your entire life.
  21. Follow your gut.
  22. Never stop learning.
  23. The best escape from reality is a good hobby.
  24. Cooking actually soothes the soul.
  25. Whatever you do, do it for you.
  26. Avoid clutter. Keep your surroundings as clear as you’d like your mind to be.
  27. Life will give you what you ask for.
  28. Think happy thoughts.
  29. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.
  30. Celebrate every year as if it were your last.

Any gems to add? Share them with me in the comments’ field below!

  • Kerri-Jo McEntegart

    Really lovely June! ❤ I love the cover photo, brilliant party with so many lovely people. Xxx

    • junemvc

      Thanks Kerri! It was fab to have you there too Xxx