From Class To Coach: What’s It All About?


Over the past month, I completed a diploma in life and executive coaching from the Positive Success Group in Dublin. It was a six month stint of learning, discussing, reflecting and partially, changing.

Heading into the course, I was well aware that there was loads to learn about myself and the world around me. All the same, I had considered myself strongly self-aware and keenly headed into the course with my rose-tinted glasses and for a while, naiveté. Thankfully, within a couple of days of reading about the assignments, exam and real-life coaching on the horizon, I quickly jerked myself into action.

Fast forward to today and I’ve worked with numerous clients (including myself), have my diploma (yet to be hung on the wall in celebration) and the thought of actually being qualified is no longer a distance aspiration.

I worked in retail management for a top company and thankfully, what I’ve learned over the course stands to me each day in my job. Being more self-aware, working on communication skills and ensuring self-care and management are just some of the areas that have become stronger because of the course.

Coaching can open avenues for you by enabling you to move along your path towards what is in line with your values. The power is in the fact that what you are reaching for can absolutely be worked towards. With a coach, such a navigation becomes possible by developing a co-active relationship.

While carrying out my full-time role, I am taking on clients who want to work on the areas of career planning, confidence building and embarking on a specific life change. Face to face or Skype coaching available.

Enquiries can be made through my blog, Facebook page or contacting me directly.