Remembering Our Values: Why We Do What We Do.

In 2016, I did a course in coaching. The diploma course taught so much about communication, self love and allowed for an understanding of my own habits, relationships and objectives here on this beautiful planet. Finishing up in October, I couldn’t help but reflect on everything I had learned, the people I had had the opportunity to meet and spend time with. Moreover, I had studied one of the most straightforward ways of measuring everything that we as human beings do – our values.

Feeling like your relationships are aligned? Then it probably means your values are too. Conflict rearing its ugly head in your close encounters? Unfortunately, what you value isn’t in line with those you’re dealing with.

Our values are at the core of our beings. Family, connection, organisation and kindness could be integral to one person while another might consider friendship, adventure and empathy the values that keep them on track. These values make an individual tick (or not tick, as the case may be).

In fact, when one speaks of following their gut, this is usually an indicator of what their values are or are not driving.

Back in early 2015, I was in a job I worked hard at. It was fun, rewarding and I got to travel so I was thrilled with myself. I had been working in that area for over five years, had built lots of experience, connections and a chunky portfolio. Sounds perfect, right?

Below the surface, I was stressed, exhausted and frustrated and I didn’t know why. You see , underneath the exciting world of fun and travel, I was missing out on some of what I loved. For one, the most important value to myself is connection and I wasn’t feeling connected. On the other hand, another was kindness and because I didn’t have time to spend with people, I wasn’t experiencing that either. This was when I made the decision to 1) Go and do a life-coaching course and 2) Switch to a career and place of work that allowed me to feel connected and experience human contact throughout my day.

You see, it’s not rocket science. Sometimes, it does feel like that though.

The solution?

Become aware of your values, remind yourself of them when you’ve forgotten and get to know yourself.

Do a simple list and pop it on your fridge or night stand.

Keep a notebook to plan and assess your values and whether they’re being lived up to.

Journal, journal and journal some more so that you can understand what values you live up to on a day to day basis.