Forget Valentine’s Day: All The Reasons To Celebrate Love Everyday

Walking up Henry Street yesterday, I noticed hundreds of people. Being one of the busiest shopping streets in Ireland, it’s not a surprise as shoppers ducked in and out of Fields, Tiger, Butler’s Chocolate shop and of course, the lovely Lush. Bags were in hand and mostly men were clearly on their way home to adorn their loved ones with gifts and I presume, cuddles galore.  As I hurried through with a cappuccino and quinoa chips, the only love I could focus on was the love of my favourite snacks and of not being hungry for that split second as I consumed them.

Valentine’s Day is sweet. It’s an excuse to show love, to make people feel special and head out for a tasty meal. And well, while all of the above are indeed lovely and I did thoroughly enjoy the Nando’s I was treated to last night, I probably would’ve done that anyway. Treat nights as they are commonly known are a weekly occurrence in my life and I hope that they are for you too.

Thinking about it, everyday is indeed an excuse to celebrate should we choose to make it one. Flowers, chocolates and bath bombs can be bought on any day of the year and if you want to show a loved one you love them, please do.

Without breaking the bank then, what are the many ways we can use to show our love?

*Send a text to say hi to someone. This is for a number of reasons – to show we care, to give them the chance to talk and staying connected.

*Schedule some dates in your diary. Whether it is with your partner, friend or family member, ensuring you actually spend some solid time together is integral to the relationship. I get home once every few months, I barely see most of my close friends and my boyfriend and I have manic schedules.  So, meeting up can be a challenge. They say that if you want to make an effort, you will. Even if it means a yearly meet-up happens for half an hour, go meet-up.

*Show some Grace. So you’ve sent a text or two and not received a response? Perhaps, it’s slightly frustrating as you always text them back straight away? I feel like as I get older and older, I come across situations and relationships that re-affirm to me that everyone has something going on. Whether it’s a financial dilemma, relationship issues or mental health, make allowances for people while letting them know you’re in the background.

*Treat yourself. Whoever is in your life, it won’t matter how you treat them if you don’t care for yourself first and foremost. Show some self-love, nourish yourself with the best food, fitness, time and thoughts. Remember that your inner world creates your outer world and you’re the driver of your destiny.

Happy Sunday to you and yours.