Unpublished And All: Over 100 Posts And Even More Lessons

I clicked into WordPress tonight and let out a roar of celebration. Recently, I had realised that I was nearing close to 100 blog posts and finally today, the number on the top of my dashboard said I was on 102. There was a serious self-rewarded pat on the back for me as I really haven’t been doing much blogging over the past year in particular.

Of course, my procrastinating self swung in with a reminder that in fact, I had actually only published 92 of the 102 typed posts meaning that 10 articles didn’t get to live their dream of one day going live on the world wide web.

Did I mention…

Hi, I’m June and I’m a serial procrastinator.

Even after my realisation of the graveyard of unpublished articles, oops I did it again. I wrote an article I had been working on for over two weeks. YES, TWO WEEKS!It makes it sound really long and interesting, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. It’s average length but with lots of edits, inserted over-thought thoughts and stories I’m not sure I should share. Sitting by its virtual side, there’s some recipes that I had put together in an ad-hoc and hopeful manner over the years and even accompanied by some rather decent food porn. Finally, there are the journal-type pieces… the ones that I wrote in a hurry as a sort of reflection on the day I had left behind. Once they were written, that was enough and I moved onto the next without even a second thought.

It’s a mad analogy for life really. We can make the choice to start over with a load of new stories , we can go back and edit what’s gone by in the hope that we can salvage the remains or actually, we can sit and stew over what’s been written while quickly realising that it won’t do any good. I personally have done all of the above and you can probably guess which has worked out the best.

Here’s to the next 100 posts (published or not). Sure they were all great practice for what’s to come.