Been Gluten-ed? Helping Your Body Recover From Food Abuse

The amount of allergies people are uncovering are increasing by the day. As I move into my early thirties, I can name at least 20-30% of my close friends with newly discovered intolerances  as of their late twenties onwards. Our bodies are changing, we’re realising more about our tolerances while how food is being treated and produced is dropping in standard. This means that our bodies can either cut those culprit foods out altogether or suffer the consequences.

In my house, between my boyfriend and I, we are mostly dairy-free and gluten-free. We use almond milk, dairy free spreads and the likes of Kelkin breads and snacks. It works really well until we get a little lazy…

Popping into town in a super tired mood, I start throwing back the coffee. “Three shots please” is my exhausted and lazy response to the barista as I part with over 4 euros for that taste of naughty heaven. Once I’ve broken the caffeine ban I’ve put on myself, I start to think “those donuts look mighty nice” as I ask the sweet lady at Rolling Donut to get me a three pack so I can share with some colleagues. Fast forward to the late afternoon and I’m experiencing cramps with intermittent periods of bathroom breaks. Itching starts on my skin with blotches of redness over-shadowed only by my regret at having been such an eejit. All of this follows with Phil reminding me that I am of course, an eejit for putting that upon myself.

I’d like to say this has happened only once but that would be a blatant lie. I’ve had this experience a few times and I fear that it could happen again some other time. What I can count on is my self-control, self-awareness and of course, the feeling of a full belly of gluten-free snacks.

Perhaps it’s happened to you? If so, there are ways of making it better faster.

*Drink LOTS of water. Flush out that system, clear it of that poison that’s traveling through your body and wash it away.

*Do some meditation or have a hot bath – relax! If suffering from the likes of IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) or as mentioned above, you’ve had your tummy attacked by those harsh foods, then chilling out can help. I suffered with major pains earlier this year and did ten minutes of meditation a day to help it. The meditation relaxes your body which relaxes your stomach and oesophageal region therefore allowing food to pass more easily – the same applies to a relaxing hot bath (if you find them relaxing).

*Eat simple foods. Raspberries are rich in fibre and will help your stomach. Moreover, fruits in general (with their skin) are going to help to pass the culprits. Hot water and lemon, herbal teas and vegetables in general are a great choice too.

*If there have been a number of possible slips that have impacted your body, that’s fair enough. In order to avoid the same pain the next time, keep a habit journal. Jot down what you’ve eaten, how you’re feeling and most importantly, your SUCCESSES! When things go super well with your diet, what happens? Celebrate what works and allow that positive reinforcement to spur you on to keep going on the healthy path you’re carving out for yourself.

We all have our slips, it’s about how we bounce back and learn from it.

*These are tips based on my own intolerances and experiences having ruled out Coeliac disease by a medical professional. If you are concerned about any particular reactions to food, I recommend visiting your GP.