Back To Routine: Smoothies, Physio and Blog Posts.

It’s post-Easter break and I’m sat here reminiscing about the days gone by. Those days where I was surrounded by people, adventure, Easter eggs and of course, laughs.

Sitting in the kitchen at the beginning of the adventure, I wasn’t so sure about what the week ahead would involve. I knew it was a well needed break from the norm and that the aim was to head back to work feeling revitalised as well as excited. Looking back, I can say that I’m not quite there YET with over four days left of my holidays… in Dublin.

Although, the plan is in motion.

Firstly, the blog posts and normal routine must be resumed for the sake of my health and sanity. Laying in bed for two hours today with a garlic filled smoothie in one hand and positivity podcast in the other saw the start of that. The chocolate has finally started to escape my pores and as far as I can tell, my bank account seems a bit more relaxed at the prospect of a sense of normalcy.

Goggling ways to feel healthier as I lay in bed came as no shocker to my damaged body. I’ve been battling with IBS and a crocked back the past few weeks so having only the onset of a cold to contend with today – I have to say, I feel pretty grateful. The rest has done me pretty good and I’m ready to re-instigate (and maintain) those healthy habits of mine.

*Drinking a load of water each day is helping to flush the badness out of my system. It’ll make my skin look and feel better and will ward off those feelings of dehydration. It seems like a no-brainer however can easily be forgotten. HYDRATE people, please.

*Doing some exercise is bound to get that body into the swing of things. I’m in a coffee shop now however have plans to head home and go walking then do some yoga and meditation. Having spent the past month unable to go to the gym, I know the feeling of not doing it and it sucks! The bare minimum that’s recommended is a 30 minute walk each day. With these lovely long Summer evenings, there aren’t many excuses laying about.

*A friend of mine recently introduced me to a smoothie for when the immune system isn’t at its best. Throw lots of green veggies into a blender along with lots of garlic. The garlic is to help build up the immune system and you can be sure those vegetables will help you work towards your five a day. For taste’s sake, I threw in some bananas and soya milk to smooth it out. I’m excited to have one each day for the coming week to help me feel on track.

*My sister gifted me a planner document this week before heading back to the UK. It allows you to look back on the year gone by, reflect and look toward the year ahead. It’s called ‘Unravel your year 2017’ and is by Susannah Conway. Although it’s already April, I personally find this super useful. The pages are filled with questions and prompts to allow you set goals, work towards them and outline your desired outcomes.

Aside from that, you’ll be hearing from me loads more via the blog and social media as I expand on my lovely and healthy life. Watch this space for my next adventure piece coming soon as I book some fun trips this Summer!