Creative Outlets: Practicing Mindfulness Without The Deep Breathing

Deep breathing, checking in with our posture and counting to ten are just some of the ways we can learn to be present, relax our minds and be mindful. Meditation is a practice that has been utilised for thousands of years to relieve anxiety and a range of other mental health challenges. Moreover, it teaches individuals the necessity of stopping for even a few moments each day away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. It’s pretty epic.

For many people though, I know that sitting and deep breathing isn’t always possible. Perhaps, the mind is racing so much that staying still seems impossible or indeed, there are other methods that are more suited to calm that busy mind.

After going for an hour-long walk today, I still felt the need to relax myself. Having been in bed for three days straight with a muscle spasm, it hasn’t been easy to get myself back to normal – focusing on what I need and calming my busy head. Therefore, the likes of writing, reading more and channeling my energy into creative outlets has worked for me. Getting into such a practice can benefit anyone – even if the thought of sitting and painting a picture doesn’t work for you, I promise there are other viable options.

*Got to eat? Why not cook up a storm? Cooking involves reading recipes, weighing out ingredients, mixing it up and really concentrating on what you’re doing. It can actually push you well outside your comfort zone – depending on what you’re a fan of. Pinterest and Instagram are full of delicious recipes that are rather low-cost to make. As well as that, if you’re into experimenting, play around with new ingredients. You never know what the end result could be.

*Pretty similar but baking as it is so technical has proven to work wonders for me when feeling stressed. The feeling of an immediate result of efforts creates endorphins and ensures even more concentration. Having a tasty spectacle at the end that you can decorate makes it all the more worth it.

*Feeling relaxed enough yet? Perhaps. If you have a decent half hour (at least) then run a hot hot bath. Throw in some lavender, epsom salts or any bath bomb for that matter. The feeling of the hot water will relax those muscles while the essential oils will rise up and soothe that mind of yours. Better yet, turn it into an all-out pamper session – you’ll thank me later.

*What do you have planned for the Summer? Any holidays, events or festivals? Get that calendar out and see what’s happening. Your friends will be delighted to hear from you and having something to look forward to will get your mind on something positive.

*Ready, steady, read! There are thousands of books out there with your name on them. They are long ones, short little reads and magazines that suit your tastes. Sitting down for a while and taking in those pages of information is certain to keep that mind busy and taking in valuable knowledge.

What’s it all for if we can’t at least stop and enjoy it? Enjoy the afternoon, you can’t take it with you.