When I Write And When I Get In A Rut

I don’t really know where inspiration comes out of most of the time. One minute, I’m sitting there with the biggest mental block then I’m spewing out articles like the new time. They say that methods such as having a muse, going for a walk and reading are ways to get our creative juices flowing. Often, it’s the slightest bit of movement that will spark inspiration – certainly this is true for when I write.

Procrastination has its own meaning, we’ve been here before. We procrastinate for a reason (or several) and tend to allow it to take over when it needn’t. While we’re boiling the kettle, we could be getting that wash up done. Instead though, we browse through our Facebook newsfeed usually observing repeats of what we’ve already seen. We pretend it’s important and all the while, it’s actually draining our delicate creativity.

I’m lying on my couch now in my dressing gown sipping on coffee. While checking in on my social media channels for the fourth time today (it’s only 11am), I had a wake up call. Hence, why this blog is being written. I had a friend ask me yesterday if I write everyday. My response was of course that I don’t write everyday but rather every couple of weeks. There’s so much more we could be doing when we’re not on social media or wasting time by other means.

I remember starting my blog three years ago as I wanted to practice writing. They say 10,000 hours at something will make you an expert. I certainly wouldn’t consider myself an expert however know for a fact that not writing much (or at all) certainly won’t make me one.

Coming up with excuses about why I don’t write is probably taking up more energy than actually writing. Likewise, overthinking the not doing and the why nots is probably not the most productive method to getting anything done.

Similarly, for yourself there might be something that you’re putting off. Why are you putting it off and what are the reasons you’re telling yourself? Try the below to help you wake the sleeping giant and get moving.

*Plan out what you want to achieve, your goals and what it’s about. For me, I have a massive poster on the back of my door with reasons why I blog. It’s a sweet reminder the second I get up in the morning.

*Highlighting to myself what I have achieved ensures that I show gratitude and celebrate the ins and outs of the blog to date. Always remember to stop and take note of how far you’ve come!

*Give yourself a break but not for too long. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut however actually taking even the smallest action will mean that you are moving in the right direction.

Don’t forget to do what you love and what makes you happy! If I felt tomorrow that writing wasn’t what I enjoyed, I’d stop in a heart beat. Life’s too short x