How Did 2017 Go For You? Bank Your Success

So far this year, I’ve had quite the adventure with lots of success. Like every other year, I’ve worked, gone to the gym and had some quality time with those I love. When there’s been the chance, I’ve gallivanted and trekked off abroad. Meanwhile, I’ve saved money, kept my car running and worked on having a laugh at any opportunity. Amidst this, I pulled my back out twice, set my kitchen on fire, had some shaky moments and lost some people I loved. I re-learned the fact that people getting sick is inevitable and that life is short so why the hell don’t we appreciate it while we’re here?

Summing up one year is easy. We can look back and claim for a fresh start as we move into a new calendar. Out with the old, in with the blank slate as if nothing the previous year can leak over.

Really though, it’s worth remembering and clinging to all of it. If I hadn’t pulled my back out this year, I wouldn’t have woken up to how exercise is imperative. If nobody had passed on, maybe I wouldn’t always make as much effort with everyone in my life. It’s a harsh reality but sometimes it takes the fear of losing out to keep us awake.

Recently when having a bad day, I was reminded by my boyfriend about how lucky I am. He quickly reminded me of an interview Donal Walsh did in 2014 before he passed away from cancer (watch the video here). Donal was just sixteen and had only a few weeks to live. Yet he could see the value in life and in appreciating the time he had left. It’s an excellent reminder to wake up and smell the roses.

Heading into 2018, I’ll keep watching the video reminders of how lucky I am. I’ll expect the unexpected even if that means having the fire blanket handy.

Thankfully, each year comes with its successes. This means that banking them is a helpful tool to keep the bright side out. This can be achieved in a number of ways.

*Firstly, keeping a gratitude jar is easy to do and is rewarding. Write on a piece of paper what you’re grateful for especially your successes and open it up whenever you need a pick me up. A success could be an exam you passed, money you saved, a goal you reached in work or simply getting up and being productive today – depending on what success looks like for you at any given time.

*Mentally banking your successes each day means that it will have a positive impact on your own self-esteem, confidence and general quality of life. Acknowledging them yourself will mean that you’re taking them in as opposed to brushing them off.

*Keeping a diary is an excellent way to keep track of life in general. It means that you’ve got a place to note your plans and balance a busy life. It’s also a helpful tool to look back on at the end of the year. After looking through the attic the other day, I found my diary from 2015. I felt a pang of pride as I read through the notes I had made and achievements I had forgotten about.

*While you’re reminding yourself of your successes, don’t forget to remind those around you. They’ve achieved so much and deserve a pat on the back. Give one to them incase they don’t do it for themselves.

What was your greatest success of 2017? Share your responses below.