Dear Internet, It’s Been Five Minutes Since I Last Checked My Instagram.

Kicking off 2018 with a flu and grumpy mood wasn’t my original plan. I returned from work on new year’s eve after my sister came to visit and jumped straight into my onesie. I felt tired, sore and super crabby so heading anywhere seemed like major effort. A knock down to earth and the wise words from my boyfriend that indeed ‘you only live once’ and out we went to enjoy new year’s celebrations.

Fast forward to new year’s day and I was pumping myself full of drugs and preceded to spend three days in bed. This bed rest consisted of some sleep, many nurofen and approximately 20,000 clicks on social media per day. Since starting this blog post alone, I’ve checked my Instagram twice and am already wondering if I’ve missed anything in that time. You see, I suffer with FOMO (Fear of missing out) so bad. This means that my attention span is in bits and I have to actively work on my listening skills for fear of totally escaping adulthood. It’s know as Digital Dementia (learn more here).

Social media is one of the greatest and most dangerous developments of the 21st century. It has allowed us all to stay more connected and the old days of being far from loved ones without following more of their activities has gone. Research is made easy as we receive information and opinions in real-time. While we’re at it, we can live through others’ adventures with vlogging and Snapchat stories. I freaking love the internet in so many ways, is what I’m saying.

On the other hand, being constantly logged in is expected. Responding to messages quickly is meant to be standard as those on the other end can see when we’ve opened the message and indeed, when we’ve read it. This sort of detail has the power to play with our heads when a response isn’t instant – allowing us to forget that our friends and families do have lives. Mad concept, eh?

I say this after a week of being absolutely jaded from online and offline life. I’ve been swamped with things to do and feel like I need to be constantly switched on. My reaction was in this case to totally switch off, not respond to messages and take lots of me-time. It went from all to nothing and now, back to all again. I am tuned into social media, blasting out messages and churning out blog posts like the new time. I’m feeling energised, excited and motivated.

While I have the motivation, I’ll keep going with it however with one change. Checking my social media will be limited more often, I’m getting back to the outdoors and I’m sending out a gazillion invitations to friends to do non-phone related activities.

Why? So I’m not constantly checking social media but rather getting that healthy balance I used to always bang on about.

Join me, won’t you?