Inspiration Over Zoom: Paint Club Of A Sunday

Sitting at home as we embarked on another weekend at home during lock-down, I reached out to Aisling from Paint Club for a catch up & to talk through her business venture I had learned about during pre-covid times. Girlfriends of mine had posted some photos of beautiful starry nights on their Instagram, of quality paintings they had produced while sipping on prosecco in a bar in Limerick. It sounded like an adventure to me & such a great idea so I kept it wandering through my newsfeeds.

In a world where we are more and more focused on our screens, stepping away and doing something that flexes that creative muscle is well needed. Equally, it’s good for morale. A dopamine hit that’s focused on colours on a page rather than likes popping up in the corner of our screen sounded well, wonderfully enticing.

Fast forward to 2020, still browsing on Instagram & I learn that Aisling & team are doing virtual Paint Club sessions on a weekly basis. They’re covering a range of paintings with different artists to suit various tastes. The term Paint Club Fairies is one that I immediately fall in love with & with a focus on Irish businesses needed now more than ever, Paint Club continued to have my curiosities rising. Naturally, as I had been eyeing up businesses on Instagram that have been inspiring & crushing it during such a weird time, I was keen to talk to her.

Zooming on a random Wednesday evening, I wanted to learn as much as possible from this lady. Not only has she been running a business started herself, she’s managed to have it thriving during a Pandemic. Pretty epic, right?

Aisling is an absolute lady to speak to. Greeted by her with a wonderful smile, sense of humour and approximately 1 million paintings in the background, Aisling lifted my spirits from the moment we engaged. She was clearly excited about what was to come & gave so much insight into her business & the art industry as a whole.

It was interesting to hear that, during this pandemic, there has been a global shortage when it comes to art supplies. This means that well, more & more people have been turning to art to get their juices flowing and/or to rekindle their love of once practiced talents. It has equaled to longer wait times for orders made online & suppliers are needing to work even faster to meet demand.

It’s not a surprise that this is the case when you understand the turn-outs for Paint Club’s sessions & the boom of art posts trending on Instagram. People have been exchanging swipes on Tinder for swipes of a paintbrush. Meanwhile, using art to rejig their minds while they try to make sense of what’s happening in this Narnia that is 2020.

‘I can’t believe I painted that’ is a common response from PaintClub artists. As they ascertain their skillset while staring lovingly at their paintings & how they moved from having a blank canvas to a wonderful art piece they can hang in their living room, it’s hard to not feel great about yourself. Multiply that painting by 3-4 if you’ve decided to engage in the online session with your family or housemates & you’ve got yourself an art collection.

Since taking part in PaintClub in June, walking into our living room here in Dundrum is quite the adventure. My house mate & I keenly ask every visitor ‘guess who did which painting’ as we proudly point to our ‘In the Deep’ jelly fish leaning against the bookshelf. We had sat on a Sunday afternoon creating them with a friend as we pulled string across canvases, speckled acrylic colour for an ocean effect & compared our different styles with the exact same instruction.

As Aisling taught me during our chat, art is like hand-writing – everyone’s is different. Like our minds, personalities & ways of life, variety is the spice that makes it. This is what renders these Paintclub classes extra wonderful – each is made your own. Visit Paint Club’s Instagram here.

Paint Club sessions are run on a weekly basis up to 4 times with a mixture of paintings to choose from. With the original paintings inspired by Irish culture & geographical landmarks, browsing through the options is recommended. You’ll also get access to a Facebook group that will allow you to rewatch the recording & get support as you navigate your best painting.

More recently, Aisling & co have introduced a new pricing structure with Bronze, Silver & Gold tickets which determines access level for you. Learn more here.

A massive thanks to Aisling for her time & for sharing insight on her business, the art world & herself. Be sure to pop by & see what’s happening.