Varying Perspectives and Looking After Your Nervous System: Part One

There’s a clear change happening right now. It’s a ‘being out of lockdown, still in a pandemic and great resignation’ kind of change that is a bit tricky to define. It’s a what is going to happen now and where do we lean in? kind of vibe. Trust me, it’s normal to feel the weirdness and it is totally acceptable to feel the pull of change right now.

As we move forward and experience this shift, we can’t help but understand that well, there is an opportunity for assessment of how we are interacting with and approaching each other. This applies to our perspective on life, politics, day to day habits and certainly, stance on vaccinations and what the future holds.

Daily conversations, in person, social media and when it comes to our work places can show some sign of this divide, quite often with fear being front and centre. How do we then identify what is working for us and how we navigate these conversations with our energy in tact?

First, be open to other perspectives. Right now, it can feel quite easy to be on edge and to get frustrated about some of what is said and the division happening. It’s clear that not everyone is on the same page and that’s okay. The biggest piece to start with is to acknowledge this and be open to the fact that not everyone thinks the way you do. We’re all seeing the world through our own paradigms and this is going to be a major factor that will guide us through the varying dialogue.

You know that, not everyone thinks the same as you, right? Remember this also – there are varying sources of information on EVERY topic on the internet. Some of it is factual and some is opinion based. When in a conversation with someone, don’t forget to verify your sources or work to understand other people’s. Just because it was said, doesn’t mean it’s true. This applies not only to Pandemic talk but also, as people around you share their perspectives, people thoughts and life decisions.

Agree to disagree. A goal in any scenario or conversation doesn’t need to be to get them to come around to your way of thinking. Actually, it can be an opportunity to understand, gain more clarity and see different perspectives.

Most of all, when so much is happening and emotions are flying high, this is an important time to look after your energy.

Some resources I’ve found helpful of late are the following:

Gabby Bernstein Podcast – Episode #34 – Stop being so judgy

BreathWave Ireland Events on once per week (Wednesdays) via Zoom to manage anxiety and take care of your nervous system

14 Day Meditation & Journal challenge by Pat Divilly – A challenge that allows you to follow along and to meditate as well as reflect

Kindly share any other resources that come to mind and that support you.