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Lush Spa Liverpool: 80 Minutes Away From Reality.

I love a bit of relaxation especially when it involves being massaged. Thankfully, I work for a company that offers luxurious spa treatments that are unlike any other I’ve experienced. Meet these benefits with the good vibes and quality Lush spa therapists like those at Lush Spa Liverpool and well, you’ll understand when you read on.

The Lush Spa in Liverpool is a location I’ve been to twice. Two years ago, I spent 1.5 hours getting the Hard Day’s Night treatment (a native innovation of Liverpool, of course). I enjoyed pure relaxation under a cosy duvet while wearing oversized pyjamas and resting on a heated mattress. While I was feeling its wonder, the spa therapist massaged my body and head while I melted into a world soundtracked to the one and only Beatles theme – orchestrated by a music group exclusive to this treatment.

On this occasion, I opted for Synaesthesia – Lush’s first ever spa treatment. I have a tendency to get rather stressed and so, getting a treatment that would involve a relaxing massage, essential oils and facial (plus more) seemed perfect for the mood I wanted to create. And create it I did or rather Laura did.

Setting the tone upon entry, I was greeted with the warmest welcome. The spa was rather calm. I was immediately at ease and this continued as Laura did a brief consultation and explained how the treatment would work. She explained what synaesthesia meant which I had become familiar with at Henry Street. It is a perceptual phenomenon whereby stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to the involuntary experiences in another sense or cognitive function. During the Synesthesia treatment, it is therefore aimed that all senses become heightened and as such, efforts are made to do so with the scents generated and the feelings evoked.

Before starting, an emotion needs to be selected from a list. This signifies how the client wants to feel. I chose ‘uninhibited’ as I wanted to break my barriers down a bit and reduce some fears I’ve been having. Once this was selected, a massage bar with a special blend of essential oils was brought out. This was then used on my body throughout the treatment and another was gifted afterwards along with a bubble bar of the same essential oils. The power of its scent can’t be disputed as, since using the massage bar at home, I’ve felt its relaxing effects.

I was then asked to select a behaviour from a shelf of pure essential oils. These are described as ‘Behavioural prescriptions’. In this case, I chose forgiveness. This is something at the forefront of my mind recently due to some challenges I had forgiving parties earlier this year. The idea was that choosing it as part of the treatment would help me to forgive – and it certainly did.

The option of either a stomach massage or the use of hot oils at the end of the treatment was given. As I suffer a bit with digestive problems, I went for the stomach massage. Digestive challenges can be a symptom of stress in general so having a stomach massage is highly recommended if you happen to suffer with this.

In terms of the treatment, the music played throughout the session further fuels the emotions and reactions. It tended to speed up and slow down depending on what was happening during the treatment. It was rather loud at times and allowed for pure escapism. Of course, it was also created specifically for this treatment and served as meditative (so much so I invested in the CD for afterwards as part of my meditation sessions).

Closing off my session with beautifully soft skin and a relaxed mind, I was delighted with my cup of tea and gifts to enjoy at home. You see, Lush doesn’t just want you to enjoy the treatment while you’re there but to take the feelings and relaxation home and allow it to live on which thankfully, it has.

If interested in learning more about the Lush Spa, visit or visit Lush Henry Street where we can give you all the information and honest encounters from our own experiences. 

Lush Cosmetics, Beautiful Inside And Out


With pure determination, buckets of perspiration and a stack of cvs, I strolled into Lush Cosmetics in Dublin City centre in 2012. With just 5 months to save a load of cash for my impending trip to Chile, I needed a part-time job.

From jobs of lives past, I had learned a lesson or two. Working for an employer who’s products and ethos I believed in was imperative and so, I was exceptionally selective as I went about my applications. Needless to say, I put my best and trendiest foot forward as I handed my cv into the Lush shop.

Thankfully, it seemed my passion had shone through when I took part in my first ever group interview. 5 days later, I shook the hand of the lovely Lush managers to say I had gotten a job as a Christmas temp.

I was no longer an outsider looking in and smelling soap, I was one of them… still smelling soap but also selling it.

This made me happy not only because I would get to leave work with scented clothes everyday but because I would be surrounded by likeminded people with likeminded principles and likeminded hearts of gold for what I deemed important.

Chemical-free, against animal-testing and naked are the buzzwords used to sell the Lush brand. Having worked there, I can vouch for the fact that the passion for such points is as strong in-house as it is in their marketing campaigns.

Every person who works in Lush has come to work there with wonderful intentions. They want to make a difference and spread a message or two ; not to mention the fact that they genuinely LOVE the products (what’s not to love?).


I regularly frequent Lush Henry Street to purchase my usuals. Thankfully, I know what works for my temperamental skin and hair at this stage AND as I’ve said before (see here), I don’t feel the desire to skimp on these areas. Only the best will do.

I like the fact that there are many health challenges (physical and mental) that can be tackled with Lush products. For those who aren’t aware, they are experts in catering for health issues such as the following:

*Eczema. They have multiple creams, massage bars and shower and bath products to help with this common issue. Dream Cream is their signature product for eczema as it contains chamomile blue oil (perfect to soothe irritated skin) plus oat milk. Interestingly, oats are steeped in hot water to make the milk which is proven to act as an antihistamine.

Another option, (if you’re into massages)  is Therapy Massage Bar . It contains cocoa AND shea butter and is also used by pregnant women to help avoid stretch marks sticking (pregnant ladies, check it out).

* Sensitive skin. There are multiple scrubs, face masks and cleansers for skin that needs some TLC. My skin is a weird combination of oily and sensitive so I have to be careful with what I use. Angels On Bare Skin is ALWAYS in my bathroom because it’s so gentle (containing lavender to calm the skin) and ground almonds to exfoliate it.

* Stress. Being surrounded by water in general is calming for the soul so it’s not a surprise that a bath can calm a stressed mood. I use a variety of bath bombs and bubble bars to chill me out. My favorites are 1) Big Blue (ballistic) as it reminds me of the seaside; it contains seaweed and also lemon oil to calm the mind. 2) The comforter (it’s all in the name) is MASSIVE so it’s great value and creates endless bubbles. The bergamont oil in it is also uplifting which goes down pretty well at any time.

* Greasy… anything. I’m a culprit of excessive oiliness as I have rather oily hair and T-zone and so, find that Lush cater for these needs. Jumping Juniper is the best hair product as juniper berries are there to regulate sebum production thus, cleansing the scalp. This is especially useful if you’ve gotten into the habit of washing your hair too often and it’s starting to freak out.

Got a query and it’s not mentioned here? Talk to the experts.

For a full list of products and their benefits, visit here.


To learn more about the brand or to try the products out FOR REAL (or do funky demos in store), be sure to pop into Henry Street to chat to their staff (like Kristin the general manager, above). They’re also on Facebook, Twitter AND Instagram and will welcome you with open arms.

Oh and please be sure to get a Charity Pot. You’ll be supporting some wonderful causes.

How To Be More Environmentally Friendly In 2018

Four years ago, I can remember our drains getting clogged outside my apartment in North Dublin. There was a huge mess leading the whole way down our neighbourhood due to what turned out to be baby wipes. Apparently thousands of them being flushed down the toilet over weeks and weeks by all the tenants of my block meant that the drain got clogged up and well, you don’t need me to tell you the rest. For me at the time, being more environmentally friendly meant looking at how I (and my neighbours) dispose of baby wipes.

You see, baby wipes (and make-up wipes) don’t easily disintegrate. They’re not like toilet paper but rather are designed to be tougher and are full of various ingredients to keep them strong. Naturally, they need to go in the bin rather than the toilet. That was a lesson I learned the hard way that day and I’ve since sworn off wipes and replaced with alternative cleansing options ever since.

Likewise, I use to be a plastic hoarder. I’d allow the amount of plastic bottles in my life to build up without a care for the fact that they needed to be recycled versus going in the bin where they’d inevitably end up in landfill. You see, 50% of plastic that’s used in the world gets used once and thrown away. The rest? Well, items like plastic bags can be used over and over again at the supermarket. Take-away boxes today can become tomorrow’s lunch boxes and so on. Meanwhile, there are more and more alternatives to one-use plastic popping up.

Just the other day, I felt immense guilt at the fact that I use so many coffee capsules in my Nespresso machine. The coffee tastes so great and I feel like I’m in a fancy cafe when I close my eyes and settle in for that sweet fix. Until a month ago, I didn’t realise that the capsules weren’t actually recyclable in terms of standard recycling bins. Strolling by the Nespresso stand in Dundrum, I was thrilled to get a bag from them that could be filled with old capsules. They then get brought into a Nespresso store or stand to be recycled within the company. It’s a win win and the guilt of chucking them in the bin is no more.

Speaking of coffees, the amount of reusable coffee cup options is increasing all around Ireland. Starbucks, Butlers and The Happy Pear are just some of the shops that sell a reusable option which offers discount each time you come back and get your coffee there. Melanie May wrote it perfectly in this post here.

At companies like Lush, the products are over 40% naked throughout the year. This percentage has increased this Christmas with the introduction of naked shower gels, body conditioners and the staple soaps, bath bombs and much more. This means that products aren’t coated in plastic. As a company, this is something Lush is super passionate about and working on for the future.

Being more conscious of what we’re using, how we’re using it and considering where it’s going to end up will mean that we’re playing a bigger part in protecting our environment.  Other small ways we can make a larger impact are the following:

*Reusing your water bottle. Did you know that it takes more water to make plastic? So technically if you’re buying 1 litre of water, you’ve actually used 2 litres as it took 1 litre to make that plastic.

*As mentioned above, reusing take away boxes for the next day’s lunch and investing in a reusable coffee cup can make a difference. Or better yet, save on the pockets and go for a coffee at home.

Recycling is free! Companies like Inglot now allow you to bring in your old make-up containers to recycle meaning they get used in house and don’t end up elsewhere.

What tips do you have to make the world feel more environmentally conscious?