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Adult Hard Or Hard Adult? Ignoring My NCT

An adult you say? Those people over the age of eighteen with more responsibilities, higher expectations and extra hair to shave. They’re the ones that check their bank account everyday to ensure they can pay bills they keep forgetting they have. Their income becomes a motivator as, each month and its agenda revolve around that sweet sweet payday. All the while, pretending to like the likes of kale and clean-eating makes up the time between weekends when cheat days happen.

Friends tell me that at aged thirty one, adulthood is inevitable. At this stage, I have to agree.

Last week, I went for my first NCT. For those unaware of what that means, it’s the national car test here in Ireland. I’ve had my car just over a year and love it dearly. Really though, I’d do anything for it. Anything except bring it for the NCT apparently. Four weeks had passed and I could see that the disc was getting more and more out of date. After a dodgy tyre meant I needed to visit the garage for repairs, reality struck. I booked in the NCT and passed six weeks out of date. I’m not going to lie. If the centre had been anywhere more than five minutes away, the procrastination would’ve been longer. Alas, it was not and I look forward to the great NCT of 2018.

For now though, I ponder what it all means and how I can be a better adult. Next time I let something slide, perhaps it can be nipped a bit earlier? Instead of telling myself that I’ve got better things to do, I should turn off Netflix and focus on my to do list. Or, I could give myself the fear about letting them slide into oblivion?

In any event, the lesson is that it needs to happen eventually. When I tell myself that something’s a pain and that doing it will stunt my creative streak – perhaps I need to face the facts. While there are plenty of things I could be doing, I’m not actually doing them. Those holidays I’d like to take, they’re not happening. As for all those books I’ve talked about writing, yeah I haven’t started.

The truth is that getting what I need to get finished will happen. Why not hurry it up and (dare I say) get it out of the way. There are plenty of upsides as far as I can tell.

Firstly, there’s the feeling of satisfaction and getting it ticked off. Love to do lists? Yeah, me too. Care to join me in ticking them off? Ticking off a list of completed items works wonders for the mind. Trust me.

While we’re at it, there’s a little reward scheme. I had a bunch of college work to do last year. It took lots of time and felt like adult life on steroids. I treated myself to new make-up upon completion. It felt amazing and I got the work done. Now I associate finishing the task with a great feeling and not the stress I (sometimes) felt. It’s a win win.

The rest of adult life isn’t without its procrastination. It’s just about choosing your priorities whether you want to or not. 

Need Inspiration? Here Are Three Motivational Events In Ireland In 2017

It’s already June and the number of events that are popping up across social media and filling inboxes is off the charts. There’s the option of webinars, Tedx Events, Facebook lives and Twitter chats galore. Everywhere we look, someone wants to inspire us with their version of success and to be honest, it can be overwhelming both on our minds and bank accounts.

Time is precious so choosing where to go and what to listen to is kind of a big deal. For me, constant research and subscribing to a variety of speakers means I have more options to choose from and some of which I actually buy tickets for. Not sure which ones are for you? I’ve put together a list of three below. Maybe see you at some of them?

  1. Tedx Talks take place in Dublin on the 17th of June. Inspiring experts in their field, speakers will take to the stage to educate on their topic of choice. As an avid fan of the Ted app and general videos on YouTube (there are thousands), it’s safe to say I’m pretty excited about this one. Already sold out, it’s possible to join the waiting list for this highly anticipated event.
  2. Pat Divilly will return to Galway with his mindset workshop on the 22nd of July. This is a mixture of lectures on personal development and activities. The focus will be all about reconnecting with your best self, finding more clarity and managing your energy. This is a more concise version of Pat’s past workshops.
  3. Feeling empowered? Well even if you are already, Women’s Empowerment Summit will take place in October 2017 (later than Summer, indeed) and will comprise of a variety of talks from strong, empowering women. The likes of broadcaster Sile Seoige and best selling author Donna Kennedy will share their stories of success for a day long event in Citywest.

Don’t have the funds? No bother. There are several other options to support you in your personal development this year and thereafter.

*Crack a book open. Seriously, there are so many inspiring options out there that will cost you no more than 20 quid (less if you go for second hand). I’ve got a bunch of recommendations from last year (PM me for many more).

Aside from reading, social media is jam-packed full of inspiring pages, videos and events. Just this week, I stumbled across Heal Within where Linda runs weekly meditation and mindfulness Facebook lives.

Finally, I’ll be sharing weekly tidbits and sources of inspiration across my blog, social media and newsletter. Be sure to sign up so you can get content to your inbox first!

What’s It All About, Thirty? A Change In Decades

One year down and the decade that is supposed to be “the best one” is going pretty OK so far. Thirty years on the planet is pretty good going and all those years of me considering aged thirty proper old age were clearly incorrect. I am after all a spring chicken with many more adventures in me and the prime of my life unfolding in front of me as I speak… at least that’s what I tell myself.

Sitting with friends at the weekend, we talked about how when we turned thirty we were told that “all the caring what other people think would stop” and everything would be more relaxed. As perfectly put by my good friend ” you don’t turn a certain age and have a personality transplant”. To put it clearly, it has actually been a more subtle transition as opposed to waking up and feeling majorly different as a thirty something year old. I will say on that note however that there do seem to be some variations on life, conversations and the general priorities of those around us thirty somethings – as much as it pains me to admit it.


Reflecting back, the years of teenage hood were rather crazy. There was the figuring out of myself, gallivanting (in every sense of the word) and general misbehaving when I could get away with it. It was a time where I thought I knew everything but actually didn’t have a clue. Finally, it’s when there was always someone around to educate, inform and generally, give a lecture or two – something which I took majorly for granted and would’ve loved a bit more of in my twenties. Ah yes, my twenties – when all the other figuring out had to happen, co-insided with some travel, finishing of college, starting of a career then a second career and so much more. There was the transition of the hangovers to the now experience of needing a ventilator to feel human again after a night of drink. Meanwhile, my body went from allowing me to eat everything I wanted to needing to break a sweat to burn off even a few calories. As for the rest of it? Well, let’s just say there were plenty of lessons learned.

Moving deeper into thirties territory, the talk of “grown-up stuff” is increasing by the second. So much so that if the topics were to trend on the Twitter of my life, they’d go something like #Mortgage #Babies #Marriage #Money – not necessarily in that particular order however certainly in a similar frequency. Skipping back to those earlier years, I would’ve told you that such topics would send me running for the hills. After all, I just want to blog and drink nice coffees and have holidays in the sun for the most part… or do I?

All this talk can mean that focus shifts and getting trapped in societal expectations becomes so easy. We hear everyone talking about something so we think we want it. We observe people’s “perfect” lives on social media and we feel envy that they’re so far ahead compared to us. All the while, they’re looking at our lives and seeing something they want. Perhaps, it’s freedom, the will to travel or maybe even the single life? The grass is always greener my friends and what’s happening for someone else might not necessarily be what’s right for you. Likewise, when the talking happens, take a step back, stop scrolling and rejig your memory – what is it that you want and how are you going to get there? Keep your eye on whatever it is that means success for you – no matter what age you are.