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Say What? That Positive Blogger Story

Over the past few days, there’s been an increasing amount of articles, social media posts and comments about bloggers and the blogger industry. A girl emailed a hotel asking for a discount or free stay in return for publicity of that business and well, this has lead to realms of rants, negative comments and what some would deem cyber-bullying. The way I see it is a self-made business woman (a blogger) at the age of 22 has built a following online, makes money from it that she can fully depend on and while there seems to be little attention given to this, instead the whole industry is being deemed as a load of freeloaders.

Back in 2015, I started blogging. I wanted an outlet where I could air my thoughts and hopefully, inspire people. Since then, I’ve had the liberty of meeting 100’s of amazing people who are in similar boats (some making a full-time living from blogging) and the majority of whom, I find to be genuine and kind people. Sure, they enjoy the perks of going to events, trying products out and the mingling. Like any job, they work hard and offer a service in the form of their writing and posts.

It’s not my job to sit here defending 100’s of bloggers and I won’t be spending my time on that. If you like someone’s content, follow them. If you don’t then well, don’t follow. It’s really that simple. Just do me a favour and acknowledge the fact that it’s taken work and effort.

The point of this post is to share a beautiful story that I’ve taken my time before sharing for no other reason than sheer procrastination.

I attended an event with O’Briens and Bord Bia last September. A Morning with Rachel Allen was a morning with lots of other bloggers. I met people I knew from before and others whom I’ve since become huge fans of. One of those ladies who I ended up meeting in cyberspace after the event was Katia. Katia has a food blog called Proper Food full of tips and tricks from the world of cuisine in Ireland and around the world.

A couple days of days later, Katia posted on the Irish Bloggers Facebook group that she had been gifted a camera. This had lifted her so much that she had decided to give away her old camera for free in the group! Not having a camera myself and really wanting one for my blog, I messaged Katia to ask if I could have it. She then messaged saying I could but only on one condition – that I paid it forward too. I then went back to the thread and pinpointed a lady I could offer a kindness to. I paid it forward to her with the same message – let’s keep it going. Thankfully, when I looked back on the thread in the following days, there had been several other acts of kindness.

Comments of positivity flooded the group as we all exclaimed how pleased we were about the kindness and support being shown.

There’s a whole community that’s been built on support, kindness and good deeds. We pay it forward, offer technical support and meet outside of our general circles so that we can enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes, we don’t even share it on Instagram.

Dear Internet, It’s Been Five Minutes Since I Last Checked My Instagram.

Kicking off 2018 with a flu and grumpy mood wasn’t my original plan. I returned from work on new year’s eve after my sister came to visit and jumped straight into my onesie. I felt tired, sore and super crabby so heading anywhere seemed like major effort. A knock down to earth and the wise words from my boyfriend that indeed ‘you only live once’ and out we went to enjoy new year’s celebrations.

Fast forward to new year’s day and I was pumping myself full of drugs and preceded to spend three days in bed. This bed rest consisted of some sleep, many nurofen and approximately 20,000 clicks on social media per day. Since starting this blog post alone, I’ve checked my Instagram twice and am already wondering if I’ve missed anything in that time. You see, I suffer with FOMO (Fear of missing out) so bad. This means that my attention span is in bits and I have to actively work on my listening skills for fear of totally escaping adulthood. It’s know as Digital Dementia (learn more here).

Social media is one of the greatest and most dangerous developments of the 21st century. It has allowed us all to stay more connected and the old days of being far from loved ones without following more of their activities has gone. Research is made easy as we receive information and opinions in real-time. While we’re at it, we can live through others’ adventures with vlogging and Snapchat stories. I freaking love the internet in so many ways, is what I’m saying.

On the other hand, being constantly logged in is expected. Responding to messages quickly is meant to be standard as those on the other end can see when we’ve opened the message and indeed, when we’ve read it. This sort of detail has the power to play with our heads when a response isn’t instant – allowing us to forget that our friends and families do have lives. Mad concept, eh?

I say this after a week of being absolutely jaded from online and offline life. I’ve been swamped with things to do and feel like I need to be constantly switched on. My reaction was in this case to totally switch off, not respond to messages and take lots of me-time. It went from all to nothing and now, back to all again. I am tuned into social media, blasting out messages and churning out blog posts like the new time. I’m feeling energised, excited and motivated.

While I have the motivation, I’ll keep going with it however with one change. Checking my social media will be limited more often, I’m getting back to the outdoors and I’m sending out a gazillion invitations to friends to do non-phone related activities.

Why? So I’m not constantly checking social media but rather getting that healthy balance I used to always bang on about.

Join me, won’t you?

How Did 2017 Go For You? Bank Your Success

So far this year, I’ve had quite the adventure with lots of success. Like every other year, I’ve worked, gone to the gym and had some quality time with those I love. When there’s been the chance, I’ve gallivanted and trekked off abroad. Meanwhile, I’ve saved money, kept my car running and worked on having a laugh at any opportunity. Amidst this, I pulled my back out twice, set my kitchen on fire, had some shaky moments and lost some people I loved. I re-learned the fact that people getting sick is inevitable and that life is short so why the hell don’t we appreciate it while we’re here?

Summing up one year is easy. We can look back and claim for a fresh start as we move into a new calendar. Out with the old, in with the blank slate as if nothing the previous year can leak over.

Really though, it’s worth remembering and clinging to all of it. If I hadn’t pulled my back out this year, I wouldn’t have woken up to how exercise is imperative. If nobody had passed on, maybe I wouldn’t always make as much effort with everyone in my life. It’s a harsh reality but sometimes it takes the fear of losing out to keep us awake.

Recently when having a bad day, I was reminded by my boyfriend about how lucky I am. He quickly reminded me of an interview Donal Walsh did in 2014 before he passed away from cancer (watch the video here). Donal was just sixteen and had only a few weeks to live. Yet he could see the value in life and in appreciating the time he had left. It’s an excellent reminder to wake up and smell the roses.

Heading into 2018, I’ll keep watching the video reminders of how lucky I am. I’ll expect the unexpected even if that means having the fire blanket handy.

Thankfully, each year comes with its successes. This means that banking them is a helpful tool to keep the bright side out. This can be achieved in a number of ways.

*Firstly, keeping a gratitude jar is easy to do and is rewarding. Write on a piece of paper what you’re grateful for especially your successes and open it up whenever you need a pick me up. A success could be an exam you passed, money you saved, a goal you reached in work or simply getting up and being productive today – depending on what success looks like for you at any given time.

*Mentally banking your successes each day means that it will have a positive impact on your own self-esteem, confidence and general quality of life. Acknowledging them yourself will mean that you’re taking them in as opposed to brushing them off.

*Keeping a diary is an excellent way to keep track of life in general. It means that you’ve got a place to note your plans and balance a busy life. It’s also a helpful tool to look back on at the end of the year. After looking through the attic the other day, I found my diary from 2015. I felt a pang of pride as I read through the notes I had made and achievements I had forgotten about.

*While you’re reminding yourself of your successes, don’t forget to remind those around you. They’ve achieved so much and deserve a pat on the back. Give one to them incase they don’t do it for themselves.

What was your greatest success of 2017? Share your responses below.