Inspiration Is All Around Us: Why I Surround Myself With Entrepreneurs


They say you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with. Over my 28 years on this planet, this has proven to be more than true for me. I want positivity, motivation and inspiration within 2 ft of me at all times. This especially applies to business. I want to be surrounded by those that challenge me and help me fly higher.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been surrounded by an entrepreneurial mindset my whole life. My mother Kate started making cheese, butters and jams in our kitchen when I was just 5 years old. She also turned our once conventional farm into a fully-fledged organic one with lots of hard work and determination. Thus, showing me that we can indeed create what we want and taking a step forward is necessary even if you need to take a step backward to rethink your journey straight after.

Over the past five years, since I finished my studies at the University of Limerick, I have worked with and been fortunate enough to come into contact with some inspiring and highly influential entrepreneurs, both male and female. I’ve learned from them, worked alongside them and of course, marketed for them. Each person has taught me something to add to the pile of experience and knowledge that will shape my future personally and professionally.

Entrepreneurship is defined as ‘the process of creating a business or other organisation’. Quite simply, instead of following, an entrepreneur will lead the way. And, instead of waiting for something to happen, they make things happen. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, there is something that can be taken from their way of living. They’re positive, go-getters and of course, motivated to get what they want.

Isn’t that something for us all to reach for?

I think so too.

So what have I learned from the entrepreneurs in my life? Why, a bunch of things.

*  We need to keep our people positive.

Entrepreneurs keep those close, positive. As I’ve already said and as we all know, ensuring those around you are the kind of people you actually want to have around you is essential. If you’re working on something life-changing, you need people to have your back. If you’re working on becoming more fulfilled, spend time with those who are already feeling that way (or at least, working on it). The words you speak become the house you live in. This applies to those around you too. Don’t live in a house of negative words, yours or anyone else’s.


* They see solutions in whatever challenge they encounter.

Expect problems and eat them for breakfast. This is my motto and the motto of many people I know. There are no challenges that can’t be overcome and no problems that can’t solved. Sure, the solution might be to walk away and move onto something different but I say, that’s better than staying stuck.

* They’re the creative ones.

Ideas are like buses, another one is bound to come along any minute. Entrepreneurs are buzzing with ideas and creativity. One of my marketing heros Paul Arden (Ex-director of Saatchi and Saatchi who has passed away) says that it’s OK to give away your ideas as more will come to you. It therefore makes sense to offer our ideas, support and expertise to those around us unconditionally. There’s always plenty more where they came from.

*They want to change the world.

Always, those I work with are keen to make a difference. Their desire to do so outweighs their desire to make money and so, their focus is genuine. Helping people is where it’s at and finding solutions to the world’s problems will inevitably bring fulfillment.

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