Inspiration Over Social: Kerry Entrepreneurs Making Impact

Being back in the Kingdom the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to get back to my roots, hang out at the beach & do socially distanced walks. This part of Ireland is so full of beauty, calm and wonderful humans.

Thankfully, I’ve been witness to some serious innovation. There are numerous small businesses making moves before & during the Pandemic. They’ve enabled themselves so much to be their best selves, to build their online presence and share their stories openly and honestly.

‘Changes call for innovation & innovation leads to progress’ – Li Keqiang

Over 2020 & 2021, amongst the madness, there have been outlets for us to online shop, support Irish businesses and for those Irish businesses to show what they’re about in the online world. Back stories have been shared where possible and thankfully, there appears to be an increase in terms of the amount of people supporting Irish businesses. We are after all, in this together.

Narrowing it down wasn’t an easy feat. Below are four female entrepreneurs I was keen to highlight as we move through 2021.

Whether you are looking for Inspiration, new clothes or a relevant meme, Sarah Blake’s business East 73rd allows for all of the above. Sarah started her business after moving back from London and has gone from strength to strength opening stores in Ballybunion & CastleIsland. During lockdown, she’s upped her social media presence which offers views of all her clothes, sales & Sarah herself as she guides through the videos. Worth visiting, her site has cosy clothes, Summer & Spring brightness and accessories.

Randomly chatting about fitness before Christmas, Rebecca O’Rourke was brought to my attention. A motivational, high energy & inspiring entrepreneur, Rebecca’s vibe is contagious. She does regular insta lives, mind and body strengthening via coaching & an online community focused on instilling confidence. Some personal favourites from her site are her back story and her book recommendations.

I’ve been fortunate enough to know Máire since my primary school days. Vivacious & energetic, she’s been involved in the food industry since her University days and has worked in the UK & Ireland before launching her Business ‘‘ in North Kerry. Organic ready to eat veg for the retail and food service market, the foods can be added to stir-fries, pastas and stews to name a few uses. Recently, Máire and her business have been on nationwide and no doubt, she’ll continue to go from strength to strength.

Mary Thea Brosnan has always been super inspiring and launching Kerry Kefir has been incredible to observe over the social media world. The CastleIsland entrepreneur created the product which is made from the traditional method of 100% Kerry milk and Kefir grains. Aiding in digestion, Kefir has taken off in Ireland over the past few years and has several benefits. Continuing to thrive, Mary has won awards and her online presence is characterised by her unique style & bubbly personality. Visit Mary & Kerry Kefir here.

Be sure to visit these sites and share anyone who you reckon I may have missed from the mix.