Sometimes Write turns six in July 2020!

Welcome to the madness, the fun and my inner-most thoughts. I write about mental health, positive psychology and the learnings from my passion of coaching.

I’m a 34 year old blogger, writer and lover of all things positive. I’ve traveled a little, explored different career paths, made cool friends and baked a few cakes along the way. I may have picked up some handy and not so handy tips while I was waiting for Eastenders to start. You’ll find a bunch of these in my blog. As for the rest? I’ll make it up as I go along.


I have a mind of my own.

All views expressed in my blog posts are my own opinion and based on my experience. Everything I write about comes from my life. I feel passionate about all subjects I write about including products and brands.


No stealing, please…

The images used in my posts have either been taken by me (working on it :)) or, if they belong to someone else, I’ve linked back to the source.