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Sorry, I forgot to write it down

It’s been a bit of a crazy six months. Excuse the lack of writing and certainly, I’m aware at this stage that I’m a serial procrastinator. I love writing but I haven’t had a clue of what to put on paper. When I did think of something,  I thought “well this is boring” and so, I procrastinated some more.

Cheers for your patience, by the way.

There’s been some change in my life. I’ve changed house, changed relationship status and changed momentum. My values have remained the same while most areas day to day have been varying quite a bit. I know that I love my job, have the best friends in the world and have some fun adventures planned.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Hi, my name is June and I’ve just turned 33. I had always believed I’d have it figured out by now.

Actually, I really don’t.

Here’s what I do know. Essentially, that everything is working out fine. I know what I like and that the majority of my days comprise of beautiful moments surrounded by amazing people. I’ve got hoards of friends, kind people and I’m told, potential. I love what I do, have fun and rarely mope. When I do, I know that it’s only short-lived and going for a run or chatting to a good friend will instantly help. There’s plenty of opportunity, you see – to feel good and to move to the next chapter.

My relived realisation this week is that actually I’ll end up exactly where I’m supposed to and that any worrying has been totally un-necessary. Let’s just say that things have worked out so far and that indeed, they will continue to work out.

Some lessons I’ve learned (in case you’d care to read them) are the following:

*If you’re in a place where you’re not as happy as you know you can be well then it’s time to go back to basics. Ask yourself these three questions:

What do you want?

Where is your passion?

What are your values? (and not how this aligns with where you are).

*Having a difficult conversation can seem like a mountain to you. In fact, once it’s been had, it’s like a weight has been lifted. Truth over harmony means that it’s better to say the truth and be uncomfortable than to allow it to fester and keep the peace.

*It’s okay to be sad and say that you are. I’ve spent quite some time the past few months working on this and allowing myself to admit that the fires going on around me are impacting on my mental health. Smiling and keeping positive is important however showing some vulnerability will allow you to be your authentic self. This authentic -self will always attract real people and situations.

*Remember who’s in your circle and be extra mindful of how they’re there for you. Only spend time with those who make you better and adjust accordingly. They say you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with so start recalibrating.

*Do some exercise at least a couple of days per week. I know it’s been said time and time again but hey, here we are again.

Ever been cooped up in the house for more than a few hours and felt gross? Some exercise will release endorphins and get you moving. Any week I’ve had without adequate amounts of exercise has been less than it could be.

As for the rest of it? You’ll have to check back more regularly as I continue to share and avoid procrastination. 

Hell & Back: Out Of My Comfort Zone And Into The Mud

Last Saturday I took part in Hell & Back in County Wicklow. For those who don’t know it, it’s a 7km obstacle course which pushes the body, mind and tolerance for dirt. It involves climbing over walls, jumping into an ice-bath, climbing bales of hay and wading through a swamp of mud. It pretty much resembled most of my childhood of growing up on a farm in Ireland (with a photographer and a lot more people thrown in).


I sat in my house the morning of the event and seriously questioned my sanity. Why was I doing this? Did it make sense to jump through mud to reach out of my comfort zone? Or was going to the gym sufficient enough?

At that stage, it was too late to turn back. Nine of us has committed and we were in it together.

My manager in work is always talking about the ‘why?’ Why do we do the things that we do? What motivates us to take certain actions? Indeed, everything we do is for a reason but what reason matters to us -this is what will lead to our perceived success or not.


My why for doing hell and back was to challenge myself. Whatever I achieve, I always look to push myself to the next step. So much so that I’ll push myself beyond what I need to at several moments in my life. Physically, I don’t exert myself too much generally. I committed to Zumba for two years because I liked the latin music (that was my why). Then when I hurt my back, I joined the pool (getting over my injury was my why) then more recently, I started running (this was so that I could be do Hell & Back without failing). There was a reason for each of them and generally, that’s why will drive me forward.

When I got to the finish line of Hell and Back, I felt two emotions. One of them was that of achievement as I had set myself that goal and ticked it off. Secondly, it was one of relief as I allowed my body to push me beyond its usual routine and it had succeeded. I had faced a fear of sliding into a deep river (which was freezing cold) and did that. Then I had worked with a team of amazing people to get to the finish line – another reason for signing up.

The point of this post isn’t to brag about how great I am for working towards that goal. It’s to highlight that whatever we do, we need to understand why we want to do it and set out accordingly. There were people in my life who straight out said ‘no’ to joining Hell & Back with me. Their ‘why’ for doing it wasn’t strong enough. Then there are those who had a why and couldn’t make it so, it’s on their bucket list for 2019.

There are hundreds of runs, obstacle courses and general challenges taking place around the country this Autumn/Winter and beyond. If they make sense for you then go for it.

Whatever you’re working towards, make you sure you record the reason for why you’re doing it.

Happy adventuring! Here’s to working towards what drives you towards your idea of success.

Movie Twice Shy: Getting Real About Real Issues

Once again, I feel super lucky with my ever expanding circle of inspiring contacts across the world. People who achieve great things, are go-getters and want to make a real difference. One person who is no exception to this fact is Tom Ryan. A film director, writer and now, lecturer, Tom has quite a lot of success under his belt as a thirty-something year old. His 2017 release, Twice Shy has been the recipient of many awards, exceptional reviews and well-needed addressing of delicate subjects. Indeed Twice Shy has catapulted Irish films’ reputation into another dimension.

The movie has been on tour across Ireland and the world. Last year, it screened in the Lighthouse cinema for a week (later extended to a second week). This was followed by screenings in Cannes Film festival and more recently, in Berlin. Its cast includes rising stars and familiar faces including Pat Short, Ardal O’Hanlon and Emmet Byrne. Meanwhile, Shane-Murray Corcoran and Iseult Casey portray the developing relationship of a young couple in Ireland having to face a stressful trip to the UK for an abortion.

Abortion isn’t the only topic that has its reality brought to life in the movie. Mental health is addressed in a touching and real way. One scene in particular features a true and honest conversation that banishes stigmatisation and instead shows it is OK not to be OK.

We need this in Ireland at the moment. A movie that’s real and ensures light is shed on tricky topics. When we say ‘like in the movies’, we really need that to reflect real-life and vice-versa. Want predictable endings and cringey romantic scenes? Then don’t watch Twice Shy. How about pure constant happiness without ups and downs? Then really, don’t watch it. If however you’d like to walk away from your screen feeling contemplative, informed and like you’ve had a genuine experience, then do watch it.

During the movie, you’ll recognise not just faces you know but locations also. Filming predominantly took place between Dublin and Tom’s native Nenagh in County Tipperary. Hot spots like the Grand Canal and Una’s pub, provide a perfect setting. Colloquial references to school day familiarities such as Leaving Cert night, having the craic and moving up to Dublin from the country spring up. Sure we can all relate to something as an Irish person. On the other hand, as a non-Irish spectator, there’s so much to learn about how we operate as a people and our soft and genuine connection to life. We’re down to earth, family-focused and supportive. Even though our political systems appear to be letting us down, at least we have voices we can use and connections we can make. I don’t want to spoil the movie but the raw and real connection is an ongoing theme. Whether it’s between best friends, father and son or lovers, realness conquers all including trials and tribulations.

Twice Shy is available to stream on 

You can also follow the Facebook page, Twitter or Tom himself to learn about his upcoming movies and projects.