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Lush Spa Liverpool: 80 Minutes Away From Reality.

I love a bit of relaxation especially when it involves being massaged. Thankfully, I work for a company that offers luxurious spa treatments that are unlike any other I’ve experienced. Meet these benefits with the good vibes and quality Lush spa therapists like those at Lush Spa Liverpool and well, you’ll understand when you read on.

The Lush Spa in Liverpool is a location I’ve been to twice. Two years ago, I spent 1.5 hours getting the Hard Day’s Night treatment (a native innovation of Liverpool, of course). I enjoyed pure relaxation under a cosy duvet while wearing oversized pyjamas and resting on a heated mattress. While I was feeling its wonder, the spa therapist massaged my body and head while I melted into a world soundtracked to the one and only Beatles theme – orchestrated by a music group exclusive to this treatment.

On this occasion, I opted for Synaesthesia – Lush’s first ever spa treatment. I have a tendency to get rather stressed and so, getting a treatment that would involve a relaxing massage, essential oils and facial (plus more) seemed perfect for the mood I wanted to create. And create it I did or rather Laura did.

Setting the tone upon entry, I was greeted with the warmest welcome. The spa was rather calm. I was immediately at ease and this continued as Laura did a brief consultation and explained how the treatment would work. She explained what synaesthesia meant which I had become familiar with at Henry Street. It is a perceptual phenomenon whereby stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to the involuntary experiences in another sense or cognitive function. During the Synesthesia treatment, it is therefore aimed that all senses become heightened and as such, efforts are made to do so with the scents generated and the feelings evoked.

Before starting, an emotion needs to be selected from a list. This signifies how the client wants to feel. I chose ‘uninhibited’ as I wanted to break my barriers down a bit and reduce some fears I’ve been having. Once this was selected, a massage bar with a special blend of essential oils was brought out. This was then used on my body throughout the treatment and another was gifted afterwards along with a bubble bar of the same essential oils. The power of its scent can’t be disputed as, since using the massage bar at home, I’ve felt its relaxing effects.

I was then asked to select a behaviour from a shelf of pure essential oils. These are described as ‘Behavioural prescriptions’. In this case, I chose forgiveness. This is something at the forefront of my mind recently due to some challenges I had forgiving parties earlier this year. The idea was that choosing it as part of the treatment would help me to forgive – and it certainly did.

The option of either a stomach massage or the use of hot oils at the end of the treatment was given. As I suffer a bit with digestive problems, I went for the stomach massage. Digestive challenges can be a symptom of stress in general so having a stomach massage is highly recommended if you happen to suffer with this.

In terms of the treatment, the music played throughout the session further fuels the emotions and reactions. It tended to speed up and slow down depending on what was happening during the treatment. It was rather loud at times and allowed for pure escapism. Of course, it was also created specifically for this treatment and served as meditative (so much so I invested in the CD for afterwards as part of my meditation sessions).

Closing off my session with beautifully soft skin and a relaxed mind, I was delighted with my cup of tea and gifts to enjoy at home. You see, Lush doesn’t just want you to enjoy the treatment while you’re there but to take the feelings and relaxation home and allow it to live on which thankfully, it has.

If interested in learning more about the Lush Spa, visit or visit Lush Henry Street where we can give you all the information and honest encounters from our own experiences. 

Adult Hard Or Hard Adult? Ignoring My NCT

An adult you say? Those people over the age of eighteen with more responsibilities, higher expectations and extra hair to shave. They’re the ones that check their bank account everyday to ensure they can pay bills they keep forgetting they have. Their income becomes a motivator as, each month and its agenda revolve around that sweet sweet payday. All the while, pretending to like the likes of kale and clean-eating makes up the time between weekends when cheat days happen.

Friends tell me that at aged thirty one, adulthood is inevitable. At this stage, I have to agree.

Last week, I went for my first NCT. For those unaware of what that means, it’s the national car test here in Ireland. I’ve had my car just over a year and love it dearly. Really though, I’d do anything for it. Anything except bring it for the NCT apparently. Four weeks had passed and I could see that the disc was getting more and more out of date. After a dodgy tyre meant I needed to visit the garage for repairs, reality struck. I booked in the NCT and passed six weeks out of date. I’m not going to lie. If the centre had been anywhere more than five minutes away, the procrastination would’ve been longer. Alas, it was not and I look forward to the great NCT of 2018.

For now though, I ponder what it all means and how I can be a better adult. Next time I let something slide, perhaps it can be nipped a bit earlier? Instead of telling myself that I’ve got better things to do, I should turn off Netflix and focus on my to do list. Or, I could give myself the fear about letting them slide into oblivion?

In any event, the lesson is that it needs to happen eventually. When I tell myself that something’s a pain and that doing it will stunt my creative streak – perhaps I need to face the facts. While there are plenty of things I could be doing, I’m not actually doing them. Those holidays I’d like to take, they’re not happening. As for all those books I’ve talked about writing, yeah I haven’t started.

The truth is that getting what I need to get finished will happen. Why not hurry it up and (dare I say) get it out of the way. There are plenty of upsides as far as I can tell.

Firstly, there’s the feeling of satisfaction and getting it ticked off. Love to do lists? Yeah, me too. Care to join me in ticking them off? Ticking off a list of completed items works wonders for the mind. Trust me.

While we’re at it, there’s a little reward scheme. I had a bunch of college work to do last year. It took lots of time and felt like adult life on steroids. I treated myself to new make-up upon completion. It felt amazing and I got the work done. Now I associate finishing the task with a great feeling and not the stress I (sometimes) felt. It’s a win win.

The rest of adult life isn’t without its procrastination. It’s just about choosing your priorities whether you want to or not. 

Oops. What Those Small Silly Comments Actually Mean.

Excuse the random title but it does get my point across, right? I remember having a conversation on a night out with a friend when I was in my early twenties. Wearing some of my favourite gear, hair straightened and the scent of Ralph Lauren Romance wafted from my skin. I was ready to enjoy myself and nothing was going to stop me, or was it?

As I ran to meet up with a friend, she commented on how lovely I looked (and smelled) as we hugged and looked forward to the night ahead. As I pulled away to respond, the following comment of “why don’t you do anything nice with your hair?” didn’t quite create endorphins. At the time, I sadly gave a response of “Yeah, I don’t know?”. Still without curled hair during our next encounter, I discovered that indeed our friendship and life did go on. After all, I like low maintenance. I curl my hair on special occasions and I’ll even get a cutesy braid if I’m feeling extra adventurous. Before my working day or simply when I’m heading to Lidl to pick up a bag of avocados – you won’t see me with a curler in my hand because well, I have plenty of other things I’d rather be doing.

The point of this post isn’t the curly hair, it’s the relationship of comments, their meaning and our own interpretation . Is it great that someone makes an effort with their hair? Sure. A pretty hair style never hurt anyone and it certainly generates confidence for some people. Heading out of your house like you just rolled out of bed is surely not going to set you up for the day ahead either by the way. The point though is this – we all make our choices about what works best for us (hair and all). Whether someone chooses to comment on it or not doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s valued, true or even necessary. That certainly won’t stop it from happening though -sorry.

Over the years of non-curled hair, I’ve needed to develop a habit or two when it comes to responding to unwanted comments. Being an over sensitive so and so, this has proved tricky – I’m not going to lie.

Firstly, you have the option to say something back. It could go something like “Why?” or “I’m not a fan of curls, thanks.” Done and dusted – moving on.

If you’re like me and don’t think to respond to comments during the scenario, then pure silence and a smile can work really well. It usually means the subject changes rather quickly and it doesn’t become something for anyone to dwell on. Life continues to be curl and tension free. Yay! Everyone’s a winner.

Finally, turning it into a joke (if you’re funny) will not only make the comment lighter but will set the tone for the times ahead. Curls or no curls – you’ve got your own stand up comedy ready to roll out to the world.

My favourite lesson I’ve learned has been to respond not react. When you choose to respond, you’re choosing to come from a measured place. Choose wisely.