Inspiration Over Lunch: Affirmations And Attitudes with Sarah Doyle


It’s not everyday I do an ‘Inspiration over lunch’ piece. Indeed, it has been a while since I’ve hit publish on a post and possibly, it’ll be another while before a new one gets written. A focus of quality rather than quantity and wanting to share the very best of the best is vital from my end.

This week, I had the pleasure of spending time with Sarah Doyle. A life coach and motivational speaker, she’s got serious mojo when it comes to supporting other people, helping them feel confident in themselves and grabbing their natural power back.

A self-proclaimed ‘affirmation queen’, Sarah finished our interview with several strong messages – the most powerful being “Happiness works for you, you work for happiness’. Having heard the story of Sarah’s background and interests while feeling the energy projected by her fabulous personality, it wasn’t difficult to figure out why such a motto is her favourite.

As a keen and successful professional back in the day, doing a course in life-coaching seemed like a productive idea to unstick her from a rut she had found herself in. Working long hours and feeling overwhelming stress on a daily basis even when in her ‘safe place’ – the gym, was enough to spur her to create an exit strategy. Such a plan would lead her to work for another year in her job while working on her business in the background.

In 2012, The Better Life Project, a business that has been featured in the Irish Times, Mirror and more recently, Spin Radio, came into fruition. Since that point, it has gone from strength to strength and to date, Sarah has helped 1000’s of people become their best selves.


As Sarah described, there were some key moments that spurred on her decision to start the business. The one that seemed to stand out the most was when she arrived home one day to find out that a family friend’s eighteen year old son had commit suicide. Not knowing him personally didn’t matter, it had struck a chord with her. Life is short and all the procrastinating up that point was done with – it was time to make a plan and get things moving. It’s now 2016 and Sarah¬†hasn’t looked back – except to see how far she has come.

When asked what one thing she couldn’t live without, Sarah’s face lit up as she spoke of her partner James, “Without him, The Better Life Project wouldn’t exist”. It wasn’t the first time I had heard of James, having trained with him then having written a post about him and his equally powerful mantras in 2015. More importantly, Sarah’s dedication to him had come up before – several times actually, in this very same conversation. James was a huge support to Sarah – something which she highlighted as being a key factor to success.

Not surprisingly, when I asked Sarah if she felt having a strong support network was necessary when it came to starting up her business or starting a new journey in general, she of course highlighted its importance.

The future sounds excited for Sarah and her business. It’s pretty clear that we’ll be hearing loads more from her in the coming months and years.

Wellfest takes place in Dublin in September where Sarah will be presenting and giving talks on wellness and confidence.

-The recent launch of The Better Life Project TV gives huge insight into Sarah, what she’s about and a range of interviewees who have advice to offer. Those interviewed come from the world of fitness, entrepreneurship and general, awesomeness.

-Sarah is a personal trainer at Revolution Fitness where she lifts weights and highlights just how amazing we can be and what our bodies can do.

-But of course, Sarah is a life coach and offers her fantastic services which can be enquired about on her website. Whether you’re making a life change, embarking on an adventure or simply, want to work on your confidence along the way, Sarah can support you.

Feeling inspired yet?

I thought so.